Biological Science

More than two million species exist on the Earth, each with its own diverse life activities. These activities are not unchanging. Living organisms have been evolving for the last 3.5 billion years, and continue to evolve even now. Thus living organisms are diversified and variegated beings. 

The purpose of the Department of Biological Science is that those mechanisms and laws for establishing lives which organisms use in common will be clarified at various levels ranging from the molecular level to the community level. 

In addition, research into and education on why organisms have diversified in this way in spite of using common mechanisms are pursued. 

Instructors in research laboratories for developmental biology, cell biology, molecular and cellular physiology, plant taxonomy and ecology, plant molecular physiology, plant molecular biology and bioinformatics, marine molecular biology, and island biology at the Department of Biological Science as well as molecular genetics, molecular plant biology, and gene chemistry at the Department of Mathematical and Life Sciences are responsible for providing the education. 

The curriculum is arranged so that modern biology can be clearly understood through lectures and practical training. In addition, in the fourth year, students are assigned to the research laboratory of their choice, where they conduct graduate research and master the basics of biological research.