Mathematics is one of the disciplines that are positioned at the cutting edge of human activities. 

From the perspective of its long history and tradition, mathematics can be said to be a true discipline. Also, mathematics continues to advance vigorously. In conjunction with this fact, social recognition of the importance and usefulness of mathematics is deepening. 

The age has arrived when mathematics is essential, not only in the natural sciences, but also in engineering and medical science, and even in the humanities and social sciences. “Mathematical science” is a discipline in which mathematics plays the leading role in contributing to the development of other disciplines. As a natural consequence, this discipline has come under the spotlight. Naturally, progress in computer technology plays a part in this scenario. 

The purpose of mathematics education in universities is to allow students to learn the basic theories of modern mathematics, thereby acquiring wide knowledge, and at the same time to train persons equipped with a highly developed logicality and flexible mathematical reasoning abilities who can play an active role in various fields in society. 

To achieve these aims, the Department of Mathematics in the Faculty of Science at Hiroshima University has experienced staff members who have proven track records in research and education, and is equipped with excellent facilities (libraries, computer systems, etc.) that are outstanding nationwide. This department extends a warm welcome to youngsters burning with the desire to tackle true mathematics, and is eager to share the joy of, and pride in learning, mathematics.