AIMS (ASEAN International Mobility for Students)

Food Science and Technology + Agriculture


Beginning in 2014, Hiroshima University participates in the ASEAN International Mobility for Students (AIMS) exchange student program. It is a multi-lateral exchange program among the ASEAN countries and Japan. Faculty of Biological Science offers unique lectures with practical sessions covering whole areas of environments, bio-resource productions, food engineering, and marketing.  Our goal is to raise "Core Human Resources" for the entire Asia who are equipped with a profound knowledge and understanding of the latest Japanese technologies and systems in the food industry and agriculture, and hereby contributing towards greather sustainable development in Asia.

Partner Institution

We are starting the program under a partnership with four faculties (Faculty of Agriculture, Economics, Fisheries and Agro-Industry) of Kasetsart University (Thailand).

Course structure

Foundation Lectures: Minimum 6 credits
・Japanese Languages (5 levels, Optional course, 2 credits)
    *English is used for instruction in elementary Japanese level only
・Study of International Issues and Challenges (Compulsory course, 3 credits)
・Field Study of Japanese Companies and Organizations (Compulsory course, 3 credits)
・Introduction of Japanese Culture and Peace (Optional course, 3 credits)
Professional Lecures: Minimum 12 credits
All the lectures listed below are combinations of 30h classes and intensive practical sessions or research tips. Lectures will be given all in English. 3 credits for each lectures are given and it is under the agreement that those credits can be transferred into affiliated university's credits.
・Global Environmental Issues and Managements
・Animal Science and Technology
・Physiology of Field Crop Production
・Insect Science
・Modern Food Science
・Food Physics and Chemistry
・Fish Production
・Plankton, Benthos and Seaweed Production
・Development of Agriculture and Rural Community
・Resource Management

Acceptance and term

The semester will start from the first week of September, 2014, until the beginning of January 2015. We are going to accept 10 students in total fro the partner institutions. Students must be initially qualified in their home institution. Application dead line will be **** (not decided yet).
For more details for application, please culsult Dr. Kazuhiko Koike via email.
(Contact information is below.)


 Students will stay in a one room bedroom apartment which is located 10-15 minutes away from university by bus. For the year 2014, the rent will be covered by Hiroshima University.

Tuition and Fees

No charge for students from AIMS exchange partner institutions

For the further information, please refer to the link below;
Contact Person
Takuya Suzuki (Ph.D), Professor
Chair of the International Exchange committee, School of Applied Biological Science
Tel: +81-82-424-7984  Fax: +81-82-424-7916
Email: takuya** (Please replace ** with @)