Department and Courses

Programs (for students entering 2019 or later)

The School of Applied Biological Science reviewed the conventional five major programs and courses, and established new programs in the academic year of 2019 that readily meet the needs of the present day. More specifically, while keeping fields of the conventional fundamental major subjects broad and diversified and endeavoring to arrange subjects interdisciplinarily from the micro, macro and field viewpoints, the School reorganized and integrated programs and courses into the following four programs so that students can study the agricultural field comprehensively, ranging from molecular biotechnology to biological resources, food processing, environment and food distribution, and also established the Applied Biological Science Program, which meets requirements for internationalization.

Courses (for students enrolled before 2018)

The School of Applied Biological Science comprises one department and five courses (Education Programs) . Each course offers the Hiroshima University Program of Specified Education and Study (HiPROSPECTS(R)).


The lecture syllabuses of the School of Applied Biological Science are available in the following link.