Integrative Hydrosphere Science Program

Toward the development of human resources who can support the fisheries industry in Japan and the world

The hydrosphere, including seas and rivers, is inhabited by many valuable water creatures which provide great benefits to humanity. To sustainably utilize such benefits, it is indispensable to broadly understand water creatures and the environment surrounding them. At the same time, an attitude of pursuing studies in keeping with real-world problems while listening directly to the voices of fishermen and researchers is also important.

This program provides students with lecture classes, and opportunities to carry out experiments and fieldwork, so that they can (1) study basic knowledge on the aquatic environment and material cycles in aquatic ecosystems, (2) systematically learn basic knowledge and research methods necessary for proliferation and farming of marine resources and environmental conservation, and (3) acquire capabilities to consider solutions to issues in production and research sites of biological resources in the hydrosphere from an international point of view, thereby aiming to foster human resources who can respond to diversified social needs.