Applied Animal and Plant Science Program

To create food and rich life by using animals and plants effectively

To obtain food and other products that are excellent in quality and safety from animals and plants, it is necessary to thoroughly understand vital functions of animals and plants, and systematically acquire skills concerning production and use. By combining them, it becomes possible to gain insight into a broad range of fields relating to animal and plant production and identify problems and work out solutions.

This program provides students with lecture classes, and opportunities of carrying out experiments and field practices so that they can acquire knowledge and skills for contributing to producing fields of food and biological resources from animals and plants and capabilities to solve problems, and work on a global scale by learning (1) animal physiological structure, (2) improvement of genetic capacity and artificial control of reproduction of animals, (3) feed for animals and their breeding environment, (4) bioethics and animal welfare and (5) plant physiology and structures and functions of earth that supports plant production.