Bilateral Collaboration Discussed with Khon Kaen University Agriculturists

A delegation from the Research Center for Animal Science (RCAS, assisted by Hiroshima University),
Hiroshima University composed of Prof. T. Obitsu, Assoc. Prof. N. Isobe and Assoc. Prof. M. Nishibori visited Khon Kaen University (KKU) in Thailand from March 7 to 8, 2016.

They had a fruitful meeting discussing collaborative research with key university officials such as Dr. Monchai Duangjinda (Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, KKU), Dr. Virote Pattarajinda (Vice Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, KKU), Dr. Suporn Katawatin and two other academic staff members. The main theme of collaborative research will focus on producing animal products efficiently under heat stress conditions. Other specific researches discussed include mastitis and rumen acidosis in postpartum dairy cows, sperm preservation and chicken genetics. We agreed on our bilateral research projects and hope that mutual communication between faculties and students will take place in the near future.

Meeting about our future corroborating research
Photo in the Dean room