Faculty Introduction

Global Health and Medical Science

新福 洋子 教授/SHINPUKU Yoko Professor

Intervention study to improve maternal child health/women’s health in low-/middle income countries 
Educational intervention study using ICT/smartphone app 
Medical local knowledge to promote health in collaboration with Anthropology
Educational support to prevent teenage pregnancy and gender inequality

Keywords: Global Health, Health Promotion, SDGs, Universal Health Coverage, People-Centered Care, Maternal Child Health, Adolescent Health, Local Knowledge, Telemedical Education, Africa

1. Associated factors for multidimensional attitudes and behaviors of reproductive health toward pregnancy among early and late adolescents in Tanzania: a cross-sectional study, REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH, 20(1), 20230314
2. Local knowledge and derived practices of safety during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum: a qualitative study among nurse-midwives in urban eastern Tanzania, BMJ OPEN, 12(12), 202212
3. ★, Birth preparedness and related factors: a cross-sectional study in Tanzania City area, BMC HEALTH SERVICES RESEARCH, 21(1), 20210814

浦川 将 教授/URAKAWA Susumu Professor

Brain activity during the rehabilitative motor-task
How the physiotherapy improves the musculoskeletal functions including the muscular pain
The effects of enriched environment on brain plasticity
Development of the rehabilitation therapy for skeletal muscle mitochondrial dysfunction with heart failure and diabetes

Keywords: Rehabilitation medicine, Neuro-rehabilitation, Health promotion in developing countries, Pain rehabilitation, Robot rehabilitation

1. Coupled versus decoupled visuomotor feedback: Differential frontoparietal activity during curved reach planning on simultaneous functional near-infrared spectroscopy and electroencephalography, BRAIN AND BEHAVIOR, 12(7), 20220701
2. Voluntary exercise reverses social behavior deficits and the increases in the densities of cholecystokinin-positive neurons in specific corticolimbic regions of diabetic OLETF rats, BEHAVIOURAL BRAIN RESEARCH, 428, 20220125
3. ★, Involvement of the Rostromedial Prefrontal Cortex in Human-Robot Interaction: fNIRS Evidence From a Robot-Assisted Motor Task, FRONTIERS IN NEUROROBOTICS, 16, 20220317

内藤 真理子 教授/NAITO Mariko Professor

Research regarding associations between oral and general health
Development of QOL/PRO scales and outcome studies using these scales
Research on recurrent education of dental hygienists

Keywords: Epidemiology, Quality of Life, Patient-Reported Outcomes, Dysphagia, Oral Health, Health Communication, Recurrent Education, Dental Hygienists

1. Association of daily physical activity and leisure-time exercise with dysphagia risk in community-dwelling older adults: a cross-sectional study. Sci Rep. 2023;13:10893.
2. Resting saliva volume as a risk factor for hypogeusia: A retrospective study. Physiol Behav. 2023;267:114224.
3. Study Profile of the Japan Multi-institutional Collaborative Cohort (J-MICC) Study. J Epidemiol. 2021;31:660-668.

加来 真人 教授/KAKU Masato Professor

The changes in tongue-palatal contact patterns using electropalatography (EPG) before and after sagittal split ramus osteotomy (SSRO) during articulation and swallowing are investigated. The effect of a compressive force on bone metabolism in the expression of several cytokine is also improved.

Keywords: osteoclast, Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor

1. Correction of severe skeletal Class II high angle case with mandibular retrusion and a gummy smile by double jaw surgery., Bull Tokyo Dent Coll,, 202211
2. Influence of dental abrasives on the surface roughness, gloss, and color of titanium., Journal of Oral Science, 2022
Effects of dimensions of laser-milled grid-like microslits on shear bond strength between porcelain or indirect composite resin and zirconia, JOURNAL OF PROSTHODONTIC RESEARCH, 66(1), 151-160, 2022

久保 達彦 教授/KUBO Tatsuhiko Professor

健康危機管理,災害公衆衛生,健康危機発生時に人々の生命及び健康を救護する社会システムに関する研究,災害医療チームの診療情報管理日報に関する研究(J-SPEED/WHO EMT MDS)
Health Emergency and Disaster Risk Management: Social systems including health policy and health administration to protect health during health emergencies and disasters; Information Management of the Emergency Medical team including the WHO EMT Minimum Data Set/J-SPEED.

Keywords: public health, Occupational health, Disaster medicine, Disaster public health, Disaster occupational health, International emergency assistance, J-SPEED, WHO EMT MDS

1. Effect of vaccine booster dose on coronavirus disease 2019 prevention by age group: Analysis of data collected at polymerase chain reaction centers in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan, Hiroshima Journal of Medical Sciences, 72, 1-2, 202306
2. Future direction of geriatric care service provision system for dementia that can respond to infectious diseases, Geriatrics & Gerontology International, 23(6), pp. 458-459, 20230502
3. Emergency Medical Team Response during the Hokkaido Eastern Iburi Earthquake 2018: J-SPEED Data Analysis., Prehospital and disaster medicine, pp. 1-6, 20230419