Faculty Introduction

Smart Mobility

藤原 章正 教授/FUJIWARA Akimasa Professor

Transportation planning methods, evaluation of transport policies, and sustainable development and transport

Keywords: transport survey, land use and transport, policy evaluation, demand forecasting, air quality, transport policies, transportation planning, sustainable development

1. The moderating effects of urbanization on carbon dioxide emissions: A latent class modeling approach, TECHNOLOGICAL FORECASTING AND SOCIAL CHANGE, 90, 302-317, 20150101
2. Rebound effects caused by the improvement of vehicle energy efficiency: An analysis based on a SP-off-RP survey, TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PART D-TRANSPORT AND ENVIRONMENT, 24, 62-68, 20131001
3. Evaluating the direct and indirect rebound effects in household energy consumption behavior: A case study of Beijing, ENERGY POLICY, 57, 441-453, 20130701

馮 涛 教授/FENG Tao Professor

Urban planning, smart mobility, travel behaviour, transport network analysis, data driven technology, mobility in built environment, spatial planning, urban environment analysis, decision making in smart energy, big data & machine learning for urban research

Keywords: Transportation and Urban Planning; Data-driven approach; Environmental analysis

1. * Yan, Q., Feng, T. & Timmermans, H.J.P. (2023) A model of household shared parking decisions incorporating equity-seeking household dynamics and leadership personality traits. Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, vol. 169.
2. * Chen, C.,  Feng, T. & Gu, X. (2022) Role of latent factors and public policies in travel decisions under COVID-19 pandemic: Findings of a hybrid choice model. Sustainable Cities and Society, vol. 78.
3. * Tian, Z., Feng, T. & Timmermans, H.J.P. & Yao, B. (2021) Using autonomous vehicles or shared cars? Results of a stated choice experiment. Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies, vol. 128.

力石 真 教授/CHIKARAISHI Makoto Professor

Smart urban infrastructure, transportation planning, urban planning, travel behavior analysis, travel survey design, transport network analysis, resilience research, risk analysis

Keywords: Urban planning; Transportation planning; Risk analysis

1. Environmental sustainability or equity in welfare? Analysing passenger flows of a mass rapid transit system with heterogeneous demand, RESEARCH IN TRANSPORTATION ECONOMICS, 97, 202303
2. Activity detection with google maps location history data: Factors affecting joint activity detection probability and its potential application on real social networks, TRAVEL BEHAVIOUR AND SOCIETY, 30, 344-357, 202301
3. Decisions on truck parking place and time on expressways: an analysis using digital tachograph data, TRANSPORTATION, 47(2), 555-583, 202004

塚井 誠人 准教授/TSUKAI Makoto Associate Professor

Planning methodology and analysis of low-carbon society and transportation: economical evaluation, statistical models, mathematical programming, travel behavior models, development of statistical model for "big-data” including text data, development of deep data analysis with its handling using deep learning and image analysis 

Keywords: Route Choice, spill-over, Transportation Behavior, Spatial Externality, spatial-autocorrelation, cost-benefit analysis, Business Transportation, Social System

1. ★, EVALUATION OF INFRASTRUCTURE STOCK EFFECT BY CAUSAL DISCOVERY, Journal of JSCE D3(Infrastructure Planning), 75(6), 583-589, 20200408
2. An Analysis on the Links of Car Stuck in the snow using Topic model, JSTE Journal of Traffic Engineering, 6(3), 1-10, 20200401
3. ★, Analysis on the domestic touring of foreign visitors by topic model, 202009

鹿嶋 小緒里 准教授/KASHIMA Saori Associate Professor

"Environmental Health Science Research" on environmental factors and human health, and "Environmental Epidemiological Research" for engaging "Planetary Health"

Keywords: Air Pollution, Health Information, Environmental health, Global Health, GISc

1. How the 2018 Japan Floods Impacted Nursing Home Admissions for Older Persons: A Longitudinal Study Using the Long-Term Care Insurance Comprehensive Database, Journal of the American Medical Directors Association, 24(3), 368-375, 20230301
2. Effects of 2018 Japan floods on healthcare costs and service utilization in Japan: a retrospective cohort study, BMC PUBLIC HEALTH, 23(1), e1-10, 20230208
3. ★, The 2018 Japan Floods Increased Prescriptions of Antidementia Drugs Among Disaster Victims, J Am Med Dir Assoc., online 2 February (in press), 20220202

清家 美帆 特定准教授/SEIKE Miho Associate Professor (Special Recognition)

To re-model evacuation behavior that includes panic and freeze at the time of a huge closed space disaster (the present and future), I am studying regarding evacuation physical behavior and psychological emotion by physiological signals in full-scale and model-scale spaces with smoke.

Keywords: Safety engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, fire safety, risk analysis, evacuation, disaster prevention

1. Walking speed under emergency situation in smoke-filled tunnel with obstacles, Miho Seike, Nobuyoshi Kawabata, Masato Hasegawa, Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology, Vol. 133, 104939, March 2023
2. Heat release rate and thermal fume behavior estimation of fuel cell vehicles in tunnel fires, Miho Seike, Nobuyoshi Kawabata, Masato Hasegawa, Hirato Tanaka, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Vol. 44(48) pp. 26597-26608, October, 2019
3. ★, Emergency evacuation speed distributions in smoke-filled tunnels, TUNNELLING AND UNDERGROUND SPACE TECHNOLOGY, 112(103934), 202106