Curriculum Structure

Master's Program

■Compulsory Subjects

  • Seminar in Integrated Arts and Sciences:2Credits
  • Special Study:8Credits
  • Core Subjects:4Credits

■Required Elective Subjects

  • Main Field Subjects:8Credits
  • Other Field Subjects:4Credits

■Optional Subjects:4Credits

Subjects for enrollment 2016

■Seminar in Integrated Arts and Sciences

  • Seminar in Integrated Arts and Sciences

■Special Studies

  • Special Study on Life Sciences
  • Special Study on Studies of Human Behavior
  • Special Study on Sport Sciences
  • Special Study on Language Studies
  • Special Study on Humanities and Science of Art
  • Special Study on Natural Environmental Sciences
  • Special Study on Integrated Physical Sciences
  • Special Study on Information and Media Sciences
  • Special Study on Social Environmental Studies
  • Special Study on Cultural and Historical Studies
  • Special Study on Area Studies
  • Special Study on the 21st Century Science Projects

■Core Subjects

  • Core Subject A (Theories of Risk in the Day)/Core Subject B (Theories of Risk in the Day)
  • Core Subject A (Imagining to Creation)/Core Subject B (Imagining to Creation)
  • Core Subject A (Informatics and Information Theory - Interdisciplinary Studies)/Core Subject B (Informatics and Information Theory - Interdisciplinary Studies)
  • Core Subject A (Civilization and Environment)/Core Subject B (Civilization and Environment)

■Specialized Subject of Fields

 ◆Life Sciences

  • Metabolic Biochemistry
  • Brain Information Science
  • Biological Basis of Neuronal Regulation
  • Functional Organization of the Brain
  • Molecular Sensory Physiology

 ◆Studies of Human Behavior

  • Theories of Cognition and Behavior
  • Chronopsychology
  • Cognition and Language
  • Environment and Behavior
  • Theories of Adaptive Behavior
  • Theories of Social Bahavior

 ◆Human Movement Sciences

  • Human Motor Control
  • Biochemistry of Exercise
  • Theories of Environment and Exercise Performance
  • Psychology of Human Movement
  • Analysis of Physical Movement
  • Cultural Study of Human Movement

 ◆Language Studies

  • Analysis of Phonetics, Phonology, and the Phonetics-Phonology Interface
  • Cognitive Semantics
  • Contrastive Linguistics
  • Comparative Pragmatics
  • English Grammar and Usage
  • Structural Analysis of Natural Language
  • Computer Linguistics
  • Applied Linguistics Interface

 ◆Humanities and Science of Art

  • Philosophy and Thoughts
  • Applied Ethics
  • Aesthetics, Philosophy of the Beautiful
  • Aesthetics-Study of Arts and Culture
  • Japanese Studies
  • Studies of Arts and Culture

 ◆Natural Environmental Sciences

  • Conservation Ecology
  • Symbiotic Microbiology
  • Biodiversity Science(Basic studies for Environmental Sciences)
  • Climatic Environments & Ecology
  • Earth Materials
  • Dynamics of Earth Surface Material Cycle
  • Hydrological and Material Cycle
  • Environmental Evolution of Earth's Crust
  • Climate Change and Natural Disasters
  • Environmental Colloid and Interface Science

 ◆Integrated Physical Sciences

  • Fundamentals of Complex Matter
  • Complex Materials Science
  • Structure of Complex Matter
  • Quantum Theory of Correlated Matter
  • Correlated Materials Science
  • Spectroscopies of Correlated Matter
  • Applied Science of Correlated Matter

 ◆Information and Media Sciences

  • Information Systems
  • Information Security
  • Computational Science
  • Computational Statistics
  • Media Communication

 ◆Social Environmental Studies

  • Studies on Sustainable Regional Development
  • Studies of Regional Information
  • Sustainable Tourism Development
  • Studies on Environment and Rural Society
  • Social System and Social Change
  • Social Stratification
  • Welfare Sociology and Social Policy Studies
  • Theory of World Economy System
  • The Industrial System
  • Theory of community in risk society

 ◆Cultural and Historical Studies

  • Peaceful Coexistence of Civilizations
  • Science and Technology Study
  • Religious Studies
  • Ethnology
  • Symbolic Anthropology
  • European Cultural History
  • Studies in Comparative Education and Society
  • Comparative Literature
  • Understanding Other Cultures

 ◆Area Studies

  • Japanese Area Studies
  • Japanese Literature and Society Studies
  • Asian Area Studies
  • Asian Cultural Studies (Modern Cultures)
  • Asian Cultural Studies (Cultural Representation)
  • Asian Cultural Studies (Traditional Cultures)
  • European Area Studies
  • European Literature and Society
  • European Thought and Culture
  • British and American Area Studies
  • British and American Literature and Society
  • British and American Society (History)
  • British and American Society (International Relations)
  • Anglophone Area Studies

■Literacy Subjects

  • Research Ethics
  • Scientific Literacy of Information and Communication Technology
  • Document Management Method
  • Risk Communication
  • Oral Presentations in English
  • Business Continuity Management
  • Academic Writing within a Global Context : Theory with Practice

■Advanced Seminar in Integrated Arts and Sciences

  • Advanced Seminar in Integrated Arts and Sciences

Doctral Program

■Compulsory Subjects

  • Research Seminar:8Credits

Subjects for enrollment 2016

■Research Seminars

  • Seminar in Life Sciences
  • Seminar in Studies of Human Behavior
  • Seminar in Sport Sciences
  • Seminar in Language Studies
  • Seminar in Humanities and Science of Art
  • Seminar in Natural Environmental Sciences
  • Seminar in Integrated Physical Sciences
  • Seminar in Information and Media Sciences
  • Seminar in Social Environmental Studies
  • Seminar in Cultural and Historical Studies
  • Seminar in Area Studies
  • Seminar in the 21st Century Science Projects