About us

 In the education and research area of humanities and social sciences which is socially required to be re-considered, it is required not only to promote knowledge of exploration studies that have been traditionally conducted in various fields but also to create new social values and methods for solving problems in a rapidly-changing society. To address such a requirement, this graduate school integrates faculties who are engaged in education and research in various graduate schools into one graduate school to establish an education and research organization in which the wall between fields is eliminated. This organization aims to develop human resources who are capable of sharing values with specialists of other fields and being engaged in cooperation for realizing such values by cultivating interest for other fields than their specialties in addition to the existing academic field.  To conduct the education and research to achieve the aim described above, this graduate school introduces the degree program system that specifically indicates the image of human resources to be developed, diploma policy, and curriculum policy for the students who want to earn a degree and clearly describes the purpose and method of cooperation with the education course within and outside of the major course. It is expected that students will be allowed to expand their vision and develop their will and capability for communicating with each other beyond the differences in their specialty fields and nationality while studying in the same place as students of various fields that are not limited within the framework of the existing graduate school, students of various degree programs  with different characteristics, and foreign and Japanese students who are engaged different issues and have different cultural and religious backgrounds. In response to the introduction of the degree program system, the name of the degree program is indicated in the diploma certification in addition to the major course name and the name of the specialty field to allow students to easily explain their specialties. The degree program system consists of the following programs:

・ Specialized Field degree Program
 This degree program aims to allow the student to cultivate interest in fields other than his/her specialty and obtain capability for sharing values with specialists in other fields and cooperating to realize the shared values while studying the specialized field in depth and acquiring experience in other fields.

・ Fusion Area degree Program
 This degree program aims to allow students to understand international targets such as those regarding SDGs and domestic and foreign issues to be solved from the point of view of humanities and social sciences and identify research themes which should be approached beyond the border of academic fields. It aims to educate students to establish their specialties by obtaining profound knowledge and methodology for the core specialized area and foster capability for actively solving problems while cooperating with specialists of the other specialized areas from a multi-faceted point of view in the exploration of their own research theme.

・ Expert degree Program
 This degree program is specialized for the development of sophisticated experts in a certain field while aiming to educate students to develop the sophisticated and specialized knowledge and capability required for appropriately coping with various problems in Japan and abroad.