Ehime University


We develop educational, research and social activities that contribute to society with a global perspective, in line with our principle of becoming a university that leads our region with striking originality and serving as a link to the world.

Support for Researchers

Academic Planning Office plans researcher’s academic support.
Financial Aid for research in accordance with researchers’ needs

*Start-up Support
Support for researchers who have been at this university for less than 2 years
*Special Challenge Support
Support for researchers applying for Grants in Aid for Scientific Research: KAKENHI
*Research Unit Support
Recognition and support for research groups which have made considerable achievements in unique and advanced research areas, and show future potential

Technical Support for research activities

*Research Coordinator System
Research coordinators are allocated to each department to offer advice and guidance to researchers.
*Grant-in-aid Application Advisor System
Grant-in-aid Application Advisors provide advice for researchers who apply for outside funds such as KAKENHI.
*Research Administrators (URA)
In order to provide comprehensive support for our advanced research centers, URA help researchers to apply for and carry out Grant-in-aid research and joint projects, and coordinate with research institutions and researchers in and out of the country, as well as engage in professional activities in education and research at our advanced research centers.

Development of Researchers

Tenure Staff Development Program Outline
1. To encourage young, newly employed faculty to become independent as educators and researchers, this Tenure Staff Development Program (TSDP) provides technical and financial support during a specified period to develop the abilities needed to carry out their duties in education, research and management. During the TSDP the participants’ achievements are comprehensively and strictly evaluated to maintain high-quality education.

2. The TSDP participants are required to take Professional Development (PD) programs for a total of 100 hours in the first three years.

3. The TSDP participants are provided with financial support, including research funds, for the first three years.

4. Each department conducts an intermediate performance review (31-33 months after employment has commenced) and a final review (53-55 months after employment has commenced) of the TSDP participants during the training period, using evaluation criteria determined by each department. The participant who passes the review process is promoted to a tenured position.

Career Support System for Young Researchers Outline
In order to promote the “accumulation of research skills” and “capacity building of female faculty and staff”, research assistants are employed to help young female or male researchers continue their careers when they leave work temporarily for childbirth or childcare.