Message from the Dean

Social issues and incidents happening in Japan and the international community are very diverse and complex in their causes and background. As a matter of course, broad insights are required to formulate policies to solve them.

The educational programs offered by our School of Law consist of broader social science fields such as politics, international relations theory and sociology as well as various branches of law, all designed to allow students to acquire social science methods of finding rational solutions to social issues by comprehensively analyzing and examining social phenomena. Among law schools in Japan, this school is marked by certain outstanding and forward-looking features.

Specifically, in the Daytime Course, as an educational program, we have the Public Policy Program intended for students aspiring to work for governmental offices as public servants and the Business Legal Program designed for students aiming at working in the private sector. In the Evening Main Course, for adults and working students, we have the Law and Politics Program which covers a wide range of subjects.

Additionally, the small-group format at our seminars makes for close relationships among faculty members and students, and because of this, students can develop their presentation and discussion abilities.

Through our programs, we aim to cultivate far-sighted and well-balanced judgement abilities and to develop law knowledge.

We are looking for students with a strong desire to examine and solve various social issues in modern society for the betterment of Japan and the international community.

Dean, School of Law

Daizo Egashira