Attached Facilities

Attached Facilities

  • Institute for Interdisciplinary Science

In the Graduate School of Science, the Institute for interdisciplinary science (IIS) has been recently established to start education and research of the interdisciplinary field of science. This institute aims to promote a unified understanding and an enhanced communication among scientists in different fields of science, that is mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and earth science, to make a breakthrough of present researches. All the staffs, scientists from abroad, and especially young scientists as well as graduate course students are welcome to enjoy discussion of science from different points of view.

  • Marine Biological Laboratory※

Research activity of the MBL is to investigate mechanisms underlying developmental diversity and evolution of marine deuterostome animals, especially of amphioxus and acorn worms, including fossil studies. We join Division of Diversity Biology in the graduate course, and for undergraduate education marine biology courses and an open school are programmed.

  • Miyajima Natural Botanical Garden※

The Miyajima Natural Botanical Garden conducts education and study on taxonomy, ecology, phytogeography, conservation biology, and island biology of various plants by utilizaing the excellent natural resources of the World Heritage listed Miyajima (Itsukushima) Island, southwestern Japan.

  • Laboratory of Plant Chromosome and Gene Stock※

The laboratory is of ex situ conservation of plant reserarch materials including Chrysanthmum and related genera, and Cycads. Using these materials, the phylogeny and evolutionary history of the genus Chrysanthemum was investigated. Molecular analysis of leaf senescence using Arabidopsis and rice is another major research project in our labotatory.


※Attached Facilities joined the Graduate school of Integrated Sciences for Life                                   on April 1, 2019.