Department of Molecular Biotechnology

molecular biotechnology

The Department of Molecular Biotechnology is pursuing research and education on bioscience and biotechnology, using mainly microorganisms as research subjects as well as animals and plants.

Bioscience and biotechnology cover a wide range of fields relating to life, food, and environment, and therefore are expected to make significant contributions to next generations and industries. For this reason, it is quite important to deepen our research and educate talented professionals. Our department is actively involved in basic research on the functions of biological molecules and its application to industry, medicine and environment. We have published distinguished results by combining cutting-edge ideas and well-equipped research facilities. Through an advanced research on the clarification of biomolecular functions, which contributes to human life and welfare, and its application, we are committed to training of highly capable specialists and researchers who possess an international outlook and advanced research skills and who will be able to push forward bioscience and biotechnology.

【Education and Research Fields】
Cell Biochemistry/ Molecular Biochemistry/ Metabolic Engineering/ Molecular and Chemical Cell Biology/ Molecular Biotechnology/ Cell Engineering/ Genome Biotechnology/ Metabolic Biochemistry/ Metabolic Genetics/ Interdisciplinary Research on Integration of Semiconductor and Biotechnology

Laboratory and Faculty List