Department of Quantum Matter

Currently, specialization and segmentalization have been increasingly significant in the field of science and engineering. Meanwhile, multidisciplinary or comprehensive new academic fields are required to be created beyond the existing academic range to solve environmental and energy resource problems.

The Department of Quantum Matter consists of two fields: one involved with fundamental topics of materials science, the area where various quantum phenomena are being discovered; and the other focused on applied quantum science, which seeks to apply the understandings gained by the other. By promoting a conscious interaction between pure and applied sciences, the Department is able to create and develop new disciplines while pursuing comprehensive, multidisciplinary education. This approach is the key to the Department’s goal of training entrepreneurs, creative young researchers, and highly capable professionals who can approach the core of problems from new perspectives.

【Education and Research Fields】
Theory of Condensed Matter Physics/ Magnetism and Low Temperature Physics/ Beam Physics/ High Energy Physics/ Semiconductor Quantum Optics/ Energy Storage Materials/ Material Science of Nanotechnology


Laboratory and Faculty List