Hirodai TA Matching Platform

About Hirodai TA Matching Platform

The Center for Academic Practice and Resouces has established the "Hirodai TA Matching Platform" to provide an opportunity to match students who want to work as TF and QTA with faculty members who want to support them in their classes.
If you have always wanted to work as a TA but have never had the opportunity, or if you are aiming to become a faculty in the future and would like to be involved in the classroom in a leadership role, please register on the "Hirodai TA Matching Platform" if you would like to work as a TF or QTA. Registered users will be able to view and apply for TA positions!
Also, please consider using this system when it is difficult to arrange for students to be hired as TAs.
The flow of use is as follows. Please check the attached file "FAQ" (Listed at the bottom of this page) before proceeding.

For Students

How to use

If you wish to use the "Hirodai TA Matching Platform", please access the following URL and fill in the required information to register. There is no registration deadline and you can register at any time.

 【"TA Information" Registration Form (for students)】

Only graduate students currently enrolled at Hiroshima University with TF/QTA status may register.
※Those who were registered during the trial period in AY2021 will need to register again for the "Hirodai TA Matching Platform" if they wish to continue using the service.
※Not all applicants registered on the "Hirodai TA Matching Platform" will be hired as TAs. Please note that there may be cases where there are no applications from faculty members, or you may not be hired as a result of the matching process.

Matching Flow

①Apply for courses accepting TAs.
・After registering your TA information, you will be able to view the information on the course "Hirodai TA Matching Platform" on moodle within about 3 days.
・Please consider the possibility of being hired for all of the classes for which you have applied, make sure that your employment hours do not overlap or exceed your available work hours, and consult with and obtain permission from your academic advisor before applying.
・You will be notified by e-mail as soon as the information of the TA courses is added to moodle.

②Matching (selection by faculty in charge of classes)
・Selection will be made by faculty members based on documents and interviews.
・Depending on the selection process, you may be contacted directly by faculty in charge of classes.   
③Notification of Selection Results
・The Center for Academic Practice and Resources will email you the results of the matching process.
・In the event of employment, you will be contacted by your faculty in charge of classes regarding employment procedures.
・There may be cases of rejection as a result of the matching process. In the case of non-adoption, there are no employment procedures.

For Faculty Members

Matching Flow

①Registration on the Information on Courses Accepting TAs Form (for faculty)
・The primary instructor of the class is requested to register the information of the class for which he/she is recruiting TAs using the form below.

 【The form to enter information on courses accepting TAs (for faculty)】

②Selection of students
・You will be notified of the results of your application within two business days after the "Application Deadline" that you have entered in the form to enter information on courses accepting TAs. If we receive an application from a student who wishes to become a TA, we will also send you the TA information of the applying student.
・After selecting the successful candidates from among the applicants sent to you, please contact our center (capr@office.hiroshima-u.ac.jp) with the results of the selection process.
※Please note that there may be no applications from students.
※Please be sure to inform us of your selection result within the "Selection Period" that you entered in the form to enter information on courses accepting TAs.
※The Center for Academic Practice and Resources will notify all applicants of the selection results within three business days of receipt of the results.

③TA Hiring Procedures
・Please contact the employee to proceed with the TA employment process.

Fields to be filled in for each form are as follows

"TA Information" Registration Form (for students)

1.Student number
3.Graduate school to which you belong 
4.Program to which you belong 
5.Email address
6.Qualification that you currently have under
     the Hirodai TA system 
7.Area of expertise and several keywords
     related to your area of expertise 
8.Knowledge and ability. 
  ・Basic laboratory skills in physics/chemistry
  ・Basic knowledge of mathematics/information
  and statistics  
  ・Able to perform basic operations in Word/
  Excel/Power Point  
9.Experience using moodle・Bb9/Teams/Zoom    
10.Sufficient language skills 
11.Scores of TOEIC or other foreign language
12.(international student only )
       Level certified by the Japanese Language
   Proficiency Test (JLPT).
13.Have you ever been employed as a QTA or
<The following are only for those who have
 previously been employed as a QTA/TF>
14.Name of the position  
15.Classification of courses for which you were
   in charge
16.Name of the class you were in charge of 
17.Type of classes in which you were in charge
18.Duties in detail

The form to enter "information on courses accepting TAs" (for faculty)

1.Main instrucor  
2.Subject name  
3.Subject classification 
4.Course start date, day, and time   
7.Type of TA to be recruited 
8.Number of applicants   
9.Days and hours you wish to work  
10.Approximate total hours worked 
11.Lesson style 
12.TA operations  
13.Competencies and qualities required of TAs
   to be recruited
   Mathematics/information andstatistics/
   Word/Excel/Power Point)  
14.Whether or not you have experience using
       it as an administrator (moodle/Teams
15.Required language skills for TAs to be
16.Other that you are seeking from the TA       
17.Application deadline  
18.Selection period 
19.Selection process  
20.Email address