About TF (Teaching Fellow)

"TF" can carry out the same duties as "QTA", and in addition, "TF" can handle duties directly involved with education under the guidance of the course instructor. These duties include creating syllabus and lesson plans, as well as conducting independent classes.

For information regarding the main duties and other details specific to TA roles on different TA levels (PTA/QTA/TF), please refer to the "Hirodai TA Handbook (For TAsFor the Faculty)".

TF qualification requirements

  • Graduate student enrolled in doctoral program
  • Completion of the "Preparing Future Faculty Course" or the "Basic Preparing Future Faculty Course"(with credit)
  • Experience as a "QTA" at Hiroshima University or equivalent educational experience

Qualification Application Procedure

Student who meet the TF qualification requirements listed above can apply using the "TF Qualification Application Form" provided below. After submitting the form, the Center for Academic Practice and Resource will review your information and notify you of the results of your application within 1 week via email. Please ensure to check your University email address (●●●●@hiroshima-u.ac.jp) for the result.

Moreover, students who plan to enroll in doctoral program in the future can also apply in advance. In such cases, the TF qualification will be awarded after enrolling in doctoral program.

*If you are unable to submit documents that verify your experience as a "QTA" at Hiroshima University or equivalent educational experience, please attach the completed " TEACHING CURRICULA VITAE DECLARATION (sample)" along with a signature of employer at your place of employment as proof, as indicated below.

About TF Program

The TF Program is a specialized program in which graduate students employed as TFs ultimately obtain a certificate of completion. This is achieved by engaging in a series of steps, including creating a Teaching Portfolio, receiving evaluations from the course instructor, and undergoing a review of the Teaching Portfolio. This program ensures that these TFs have fulfilled the role of a TF as a step towards becoming university instructors. Hiroshima University guarantees the successful completion of this program and aims to provide evidence of this experience and accomplishment as a valuable asset for their future careers.

For more details about the TF Program, please refer to this link.