Qualifying-TA Program

Qualifying-TA Program  (AY 2024)


This program aims to provide an opportunity to learn practically what support teaching and learning means for graduate students who wish to become involved in educational activities at Hiroshima University as a Qualified Teaching Assistant(QTA), and to give them QTA qualifications.

2.How to attend

The online seminar will be available for the Qualifying-TA Program on moodle.

3.Holding period

Friday, March 8, 2024 10:00 - Thursday, February 6, 2025 17:00

4.Eligible Students

Any of those:
・Undergraduate students or graduate students who would like to obtain the QTA qualification
・Students and Faculty staff who are interested in the topic

5.Attendance procedure

Please refer to “5. Attendance procedure” about the implemention for the detailed procedure of attendance.

6.About QTA qualification

Stuents who enrolled in each courses(Undergraduate degree program, Master degree program, Doctoral degree program,) will acquire QTA qualification when they complete the Qualifying TA program.
In addition, for students advancing to the next level of education, if they complete the program one month before advancing (for example, advancing to the next level of education in April 2024 and obtaining the QTA qualification in March 2024), they will obtain QTA qualification from the date they enroll in the new course.
The qualification will remain valid until the date the students leave the course they advance to.


If you work as a QTA without obtaining the QTA qualification through the above procedures, we may cancel your employment as a QTA after that.


※For details, please check the attached outline.