The Center for Academic Practice and Resources held the “HU Students’ Meeting (4th)”

The Center for Academic Practice and Resources held the HU Students’ Meeting (4th) on the 1st floor of Student Plaza on October 26, 2023. This event is held three times a year to provide students with an opportunity to casually discuss their academic and lifestyle concerns and creating connections across departments, academic years, and nationalities.

Especially, this meeting was for first/second-year graduate students, transfer students of the 2023 academic year, as well as master’s, and doctoral students in the first/second year. We had 25 students in this event. These students were from different departments, such as Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, the Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering, the School of Economics, the School of Integrated Arts and Sciences, and the School of Engineering. Since the event was held in October, many international students who enrolled in October attended. During this event, several student staff members from the Center and guest particulats were divided into 3 English groups and 1 Japanese group. Attendees enjoyed talking about various topics including self-introductions, student life, recommended 'nice' places around the university, and so on. About one hour for the meeting flew by, and it seemed that all participants deepened their friendships each other. Based on the post-event survey, many participants felt that it was a good chance to talk with students from different faculties and graduate schools. Some expressed, "I was able to get to know international students”. Therefore, we are happy to hear that the meeting provided a good opportunity to expand guest participants' friendships.

We will set up some events for students to interact with each other next year. Student staff members of the Center for Academic Practice and Resources are looking forward to meeting all of you at the next event.

CAPR student staff:Maho Okamoto
Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences / M2