10th TA Seminar Held by the Center for Academic Practice and Resources!

On November 16, 2023, the Center for Academic Practice and Resources held the 10th TA (Teaching Assistant) Seminar at Hiroshima University, on the first floor of the Student Plaza. With 43 registrations, the event saw enthusiastic participation from numerous students.

The TA Seminar covered crucial topics related to English Teaching Assistants (TAs), sparking discussions from various perspectives. Professor Sakurai provided a detailed explanation of Hiroshima University's TA system, fostering increased interest among participants aspiring to become either a QTA (Qualified Teaching Assistant) or TF (Teaching Fellow), irrespective of their research fields.

Questions from participants sparked diverse exchanges of opinions. Particularly, discussions deepened around issues such as the importance of Japanese language skills versus English proficiency, and strategies for seeking TA positions. Through sharing individual experiences, we believe that a better understanding emerged among participants.

During group discussions, participants introduced themselves and Student staff primarily shared their TA-related experiences with others. Student Staff provided support for challenges and inquiries, facilitating the exchange of valuable information.

This seminar, focusing on the theme "English TA Situation at Hiroshima University," attracted a significant number of international students, fostering lively exchanges of opinions. Sincere appreciation is extended to all participants.

Center for Academic Practice and Resources Student Staff: Kaixiang Kang
Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences D3


Center for Academic Practice and Resources

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