11th TA Seminar Held by the Center for Academic Practice and Resources!

 The Center for Academic Practice and Resources held its 11th TA (Teaching Assistant) Seminar online on January 25, 2024.
 The purpose of this event was to consider what a motivated class looks like from the standpoints of TAs, teachers, and students, and to help student participants to gain knowledge that will be useful in the future.
 There were about 23 student participants from various faculties and departments as well as 11 student staff from this center, who participated in this Seminar. By using Teams' Breakout Room Functions,the participants were divided into six groups, each group expressing their own opinions about "lessons that students are motivated to learn." Afterwards, there was time for all participants to share their opinions from the group discussion,and come to the conclusion that "two-way communication," "practical approach," "appropriate level of difficulty and challenge," and "providing feedback" are all necessary.
 Based on the post-event survey, some student expressed a desire to learn more details about QTA (Qualified Teaching Assistant) and TF (Teaching Fellow), while others expressed that this seminar provided a good opportunity to arouse participants’ interest in TA roles. In the future, the Center will continue to provide useful information about TA, such as how to become a QTA or TF, to help students succeed in their roles as Teaching Assistants.
 This year's TA Seminar will come to an end. Next year, we will continue to plan events with various topics and provide opportunities to develop participants’ practical skills. We, the student staff, are looking forward to seeing you all at the next event and beyond!

Center for Academic Practice and Resources Student Staff: LIU MIAOMIAO
Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences D3


Center for Academic Practice and Resources

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