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6th Hiroshima Conference on Education Science in Dentistry CALL FOR POSTERS

We are pleased to invite you to submit an abstract for poster presentation at the 6th Hiroshima Conference, which will be held on Oct. 23-25, 2015. The poster session will be an essential part of the conference allowing attendees to interactively discuss new prospects and ideas on dental medicine/oral health sciences. Please read through the following guidelines carefully prior to submitting an abstract.

Submission and Presentation Guidelines

Abstract Instructions
Abstract should not exceed 300 words and be written in English. The title, author and author’s affiliation are not included in the 300 word limit; the full name of the authors and co-authors are written to be followed by name of department and institution. Abbreviations should be avoided. The abstract must contain a brief statement of:
1) background and rationale, 2) hypothesis or study objective 3) design and experimental methods used, 4) essential results, and 5) conclusion
*Please select a session in which you want to present among the following 4 sub-themes:
1. Dental Education
2. Frontiers of Biological Science in Dentistry
3. Latest Trends in BioDental Engineering,
4. Oral Health and Clinical Treatments
*Please note that the Conference Organizing Committee has the right to decide on the final category assignment upon abstract selection. The accepted abstract may be reorganized in an appropriate style upon creating “6th Hiroshima Conference Proceedings”.

Poster Presentation Instructions
*At least one presenter per accepted poster is required to attend the Conference.

  1. Your display should include title, authors and affiliations.
    *The presentation number assigned to the poster presentation should not be placed on your poster.
    The poster boards will be numbered for you.
  2. The space available for each poster is 90 cm wide×180 cm tall. A0 size poster (841 mm×1189 in portrait format) is convenient.
  3. Please include a small photograph of the presenter at the top right corner of the poster for easy identification by audiences.
  4. On-site registration shall be handled at the reception desk in front of the poster exhibition hall,
    “Dahlia” (B2F) from 9:00 on Oct. 23 (Friday). Please receive a “presenter’s ribbon” at the desk.
  5. All posters shall be mounted on the pre-numbered poster boards using drawing pins provided by conference staff at the hall.
    Posters should be made from paper or thin cardboard, as heavy board materials might be difficult to keep in position on the poster panel.
  6. Posters should be put up as early as possible to be viewed by audience, preferably between 9:00-9:30 on Oct. 23 (Friday).
  7. Posters will be available for viewing from 9:30, Oct. 23 (Fri) to 15:00, Oct. 25 (Sun).
  8. Poster discussion will be held between 14:00 and 15:00 on Oct. 24 (Sat).
    Please wear the “presenter’s ribbon” and stand in front of your poster during the period of poster discussion. No audio-visual equipment  is provided.
  9. Posters must be removed between 15:00 and 16:00 on Oct. 25 (Sun).
    ※Please note that the posters left after 16:00 on Oct. 25 (Sun) will be removed and discarded by conference staff.

Poster Presentation Award
Posters will be evaluated and scored by reviewers with appropriate expertise. Excellent poster presenters will be awarded at the closing ceremony, 15:35-16:05 on Sunday, Oct. 25.
Please be sure to attend the ceremony.

Please refer to the sample abstract extracted from the past Hiroshima Conference Proceedings.

Submission Process
Abstract submission must reach the following e-mail address not later than Jul. 31 (Fri), 2015.
Your submission should also include the filled “poster abstract submission form” as an attached file.

*Please click here to download a poster abstract submission form.

E-mail address for submission: hconf(AT)
 (Please replace (AT) with @)