About us

Education overview

Dental professionals in the 21st century are required to understand oral and maxillofacial disorders as a consequence of biological events. At Hiroshima University School of Dentistry, we have a strong belief that such a view exclusively provides a basis for rationally controlling oral health. Accordingly our education is primarily directed to enhance students' ability to appropriately diagnose and treat oral and maxillofacial disorders by making use of a wide spectrum of contemporary biological knowledge. We refer to this new idea as "BioDentistry". Our education further aims at helping students enhance their competencies toward global leading and interprofessional collaboration.

Admission Policy

We seek students who possess a rich sense of humanity to a level adequate as potential dental professionals. Students are also required to have an inquiring mind about science and technology, which is necessary for them to become an erudite scholar, attaining various clinical skills, finding a solution by integrating extensive knowledge, and preparing to play a leading role in a global dental community.

Program features

Our undergraduate programs consisting of total five courses are designed to train students for becoming devise professionals in the fields with relevance to dentistry and oral health.

Program of Dentistry

■Course for Frontier Dental Science
In addition to the standard dental education, students enrolled in the Program of Dentistry have an opportunity to be trained in a research laboratory, joining cutting-edge scientific research in the field of fundamental BioDental science. Through problem-oriented scientific research, students are expected to cultivate their capability of logically thinking and finding solutions, and hopefully play an active part in academic and scientific communities in the future.
■Course for Clinical Dental Science
This course provides students in the Program of Dentistry with an opportunity for gaining further knowledge and skills important in advanced clinical dentistry. The subjects dealt in this course are quite diverse ranging from clinical skills for oral implants and periodontal tissue regeneration to overseas community dentistry. The students are expected to be highly skilled dental practitioners in the innovative areas of dentistry.
■International Dental Course
This course is open for students studying at the dental school of our sister universities including University of Airlangga (Indonesia), University of Medicine and Pharmacy at Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), and University of Health Science (Cambodia). For the last 5 years, we have continuously accepted one student from each institution every year (total three students per year). These international students learn dentistry in English in a regular class of the Program of Dentistry for 4 years. This unique course aims at creating dental professionals highly competent to work in global environments.

Program of Oral Health Sciences

■Course for Oral Science
In this 4-year course, professional education is provided for undergraduate students who wish to become dental hygienists. With some additional training experiences, graduates from this course are eligible for taking national board license examination in school nursing. The students in this course are able to acquire knowledge and skills for medical care and welfare necessary for oral health specialists, while gaining expertise in education, nursing, and holistic health management.
■Course for Oral Engineering
In West Japan, this is only the course designed to train undergraduate students for four years to become dental technicians. The curriculum of this course covers a wide variety of contemporary science and technology fields such as dental technology, nanotechnology, biomechanics, tissue culture, and sports dentistry. The basic and applied aspects of these fields are taught in this 4-year course to create professionals in oral engineering.