Prof. Hitoshi Komatsuzawa

【Research Keyword】
Microbiome analysis, antibacterial agents, oral bacteria, drug resistance, infectious diseases

【Recent highlights】
By the microbiome analysis, we are investigating the disease-associated bacteria and key bacteria/bacterial factors for microbiome formation. Finally, we aim to figure out the healthy microbiome. Also, we are investigating the virulence and/or drug resistant factors of drug resistant bacteria which are pathogens for medical and dental therapy.

Profiles of Faculty and Research Scholars

We primarily offer lectures and practices in microbiology and oral microbiology. For microbiology, we provide a wide basic education in medical microbiology including bacteriology, virology and mycology. Students gain an understanding of how microorganisms exert their pathogenicity by infecting human; and the microbe’s infection strategy. Further, students study antimicrobial chemotherapy to treating infectious disease and a fundamental knowledge of disinfection and sterilization necessary for medical professionals. The two major illnesses in the dental field are dental caries and periodontal disease which are infectious diseases caused by bacteria inhabiting the oral cavity. Our study includes how to treat these infectious diseases, their infection mechanisms and the importance of prophylactively maintaining a healthy oral environment.

We are studying the virulence factors, drug resistance and microbiome formation. Especially, we are focusing on antimicrobial agents and their resistance. We use many techniques, genomics, molecular biology, genetics and protein engineering. Our main research themes are listed below.

  1. Mechanism for oral microbiome formation
  2. Factors for drug resistance of oral bacteria
  3. Isolation and characterization of drug resistant bacteria
  4. Virulence and drug resistance in Staphylococcus aureus
  5. Virulence of cariogenic and periodontopathogenic bacteria