Departments of Program of Dentistry

Department Professor Research Keyword
Calcified Tissue Biology   Osteoblast-lineage cells, Epigenetics, Coupling factors, Skeletal and extraskeletal mineralization, Imaging mass spectrometry
Maxillofacial Anatomy and Neuroscience Ryuji
Chronic pain, Neuropathic pain, Glial cells, Transcription factors, Trigeminal nerve
Physiology and Oral Physiology Makoto
taste, eating behavior, essential fatty acid, salivary secretion, cystic fibrosis
Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Chisa
Tendon, Ligament, Cartilage, Bone, Teeth, Dental pulp stem cells, Periodontal ligament, Synovial joint, Differentiation, Regeneration, Clock genes, Tenomodulin, Chondromodulin-1, Scleraxis, Sox9, DEC1, DEC2
Oral and Maxillofacial Pathobiology   Oral systemic disease connection, experimental pathology, periodontitis, salivary gland tumor, odontogenic tumor and histopathological diagnosis
Bacteriology Hitoshi
Microbiome analysis, antibacterial agents, oral bacteria, drug resistance, infectious diseases
Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology Yukio
Psychiatric Disorders, Developmental Disorders, Brain Function, Gene-Environment Interactions, Animal Models, Pharmacotherapy
Biomaterials Koichi
Biomaterials, Tissue engineering, Regenerative medicine, Protein engineering, Stem cell, Cell-based microarray
Mucosal Immunology Ichiro
mucosal immunity, inflammation, host-microbe symbiosis
Genomic Oncology and Oral Medicine Makiko
Head and neck cancer, Malignant mesothelioma, Osteo sarcoma, TGF-β signal transduction, CTGF, Molecular target therapy, Heavy-ion radiation therapy, Translational research
Periodontal Medicine Noriyoshi Mizuno Tissue regeneration, Neurotrophin, Mesenchymal stem cell,Periodontal disease, Aggressive periodontitis, Susceptibility, Periodontal disease, Autoantibody, Prevention, Intercellular adhesion molecule, Diabetes, Rheumatism, Hepatitis, Halitosis
Oral Oncology Souichi Yanamoto Oral cancer, Epithelial mesenchymal transition, Cell growth factor, Circulating tumor cell, Circulating tumor DNA, Multicenter clinical study, Remote-controlled dental chair
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Tomonao Aikawa Bone invasion and bone resorption of oral cancer,Intractable stomatitis and mucositis,Orthognathic surgery and temporomandibular joint surgery,Studies of pathological condition and molecular expression of condyle resorption
Advanced Prosthodontics Kazuhiro
Prosthodontics, Oral Implant, Oral Function, Biomaterial, Rehabilitation, Aging
Orthodontics and Craniofacial Developmental Biology Kotaro
Orthodontic force, Craniofacial growth, Temporomandibular disorders (TMD), Amelogenesis imperfecta, Genetic diagnosis, Regeneration medicine
Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology Naoya
Oral and maxillofacial Radiology, Videofluoroscopic study, Videoendoscopic study, dysphagia, Screening, Osteoporosis, MRONJ(BRONJ), Radiation therapy and Interstitial brachytherapy for oral cancer
Biological Endodontics Hideki
Biological endodontics, Biological regeneration, Dentin/pulp complex, Dentin sialophosphoprotein, Pulp cells, Mesenchymal stem cells, Antimicrobial peptide
Pediatric Dentistry Ryota Nomura Dental caries in child, Early childhood caries, Mutans streptococci, Intrafamilial transmission, Dental traumatology, Periodontal disease in children, Child health
Dental Anesthesiology Hiroshi Hanamoto Mechanisms of general anesthetic action, Analgesia, Unconsciousness, Immobility, GABA, Glycine, Glutamate, Dopamine, Pain suppression system