Dental Anesthesiology

Prof. Masahiro Irifune

【Research Keyword】
Mechanisms of general anesthetic action,Analgesia,Unconsciousness,Immobility,GABA,Glycine,Glutamate,Dopamine,Pain suppression system

【Recent highlights】
We study mechanisms of general anesthetic action using brain microdialysis (refer to the photo) through increasing inhibitive transmitters,
decreasing of the excitatory transmitters in the brain, and proving knock down of specific nerves affecting general anesthesia. We intend to have safe general anesthesia, not giving adverse effects on respiration and circulation. We believe that to make the mechanisms clear will help us to reach this goal.

Profiles of Faculty and Research Scholars

Our lectures are in the management and prevention of medical emergency during dental treatment. The contents are the students learn the basic knowledge on methods for evaluation of patient’s physical status and for his/her physical management which is necessary as dental professionals through lectures of Dental Anesthesiology. Further, for dental practices, we intend to foster dental professionals capable of enforcing safe dental care through studying basic techniques on checking of vital signs or lifesaving treatment for generalized disease accidentally happening during dental treatment.


  1. Mechanisms of general anesthetic action.
  2. Role of individual neurons in an intravenous anesthetic agent-induced anesthetic factor.
  3. Stages of delirium in general anesthesia.
  4. Anti-anxiety effects of sedative drugs.
  5. Effects of nitrous oxide on the cardiovascular system.
  6. Study of chronic pain.
  7. Efficacy of chest compression in cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
  8. A way to manage medical emergencies during dental treatment.