Pediatric Dentistry

【Research Keyword】
Dental caries in child, early childhood caries, mutans streptococci, intrafamilial transmission, dental traumatology, periodontal disease in children, child health

【Recent highlights】
Every year since 2009 many of our staff has traveled to Cambodia to support an oral health promotion. This project is one of the missions of our dental school. Recently, much care by pediatric dental specialists are needed for abused children, and children with developmental disabilities or dysphagia.

We teach treatment and prevention of oral diseases in children. The lecture contents are systemic and oral growth and development, the current status and causes of oral disease. Further subjects are prevention and treatment of dental caries and periodontal disease, surgical treatment including tooth extraction and oral traumatology, managing developing dentition and occlusion, and oral health promotion education in children.
The preparation training laboratories to acquire technical skills in the dental treatment for children using models, analysis of X-ray pictures, cast analysis of mixed dentition, and making space maintainers and retainers are shown. In the practical exercises of the clinical course, specific objectives are learning diagnosis and planning of treatment, mastery of problem-finding and problem-solving abilities and skills for pediatric treatment. Doctor course students study one theme for four years to obtain a PhD. to become a pediatric dental specialist.

1. Bacteriological study of dental caries pathogenesis and prevention in children.
2. Molecular biology research of oral bacteria in children.
3. Clinical study of oral care of children with systemic diseases.
4. Evaluation of the stress of dental treatment in children.
5. Three-dimensional analysis of the growth of the dentition in children.
6. Clinical approach to dysphagia in children.
7. The relationship between periodontal disease and systemic conditions in children or pregnant woman.

【Photo explanation】 Oral examination in the event of oral health promotion for parents and children in National Dental Health Week.
It has lasted more than 35 years, and many attractions are performed by young staff, like as playing, tooth-brushing instruction, poster presentation of dental diseases, caries-risk test, exploration using a microscope TV camera. This event has performed in purpose of enlightenment activity of preventive education for oral diseases with a new concept every year.