Calcified Tissue Biology

Prof. Yuji Yoshiko

【Research Keyword】
Osteoblast-lineage cells, Epigenetics, Coupling factors, Skeletal and extraskeletal mineralization,Imaging mass spectrometry

【Recent highlights】
・We have applied for a patent covering the regulatory mechanism of bone metabolism by extracellular vesicle-mediated miRNA transfer between osteoblasts and osteoclasts.
・Our project on a bone-derived factor was adopted by the Drug Discovery Support Network.

Profiles of Faculty and Research Scholars

 We have two courses of study in histology and oral anatomy. Histology studies the microscopic anatomy of normal tissues with some cellular and molecular biology. The histology lecture course is taught in parallel with a laboratory practical course to improve a better understanding of the lecture. The oral anatomy course lectures are designed to understand dental anatomy, including comparative tooth anatomy, structures of the oral cavity, and the practice of tooth carving. We also offer craniofacial development with an introduction to embryology in the anatomy and embryology class.

 Bone and other organs affect each other in both physiological and pathological processes. Our goal is to discover new insights into the intercellular/interorgan relationships contributing to development, aging, or disease. Our current projects include:
1.Crosstalk between skeletal and extraskeletal organs.
2.Epigenetic modifications in bone formation and bone resorption.
3.Molecular bases for bone and ectopic mineralization.
4.Biology of osteocytes and lining cells.
5.Development of new technology to study undefined molecules in bone.

【Photo explanation】 Imaging mass spectrometry of bone using the iMScope TRIO. A wide range of molecules is detected in the mouse femur cryosection within a defined mass range (m/z 100-400).
Distribution information for several molecules of interest can be determined simultaneously during a single measurement.