Public Oral Health

Prof. Kouji Oota

【Research Keyword】
Oral Health, Oral Function, Prevention of oral disease, Preventive health care, Oral pathogenic organisms, Dental health

【Recent highlights】
I became in charge of this laboratory from May 1, 2019.  I will activate research in our laboratory together our faculty member and graduate students further, and we are recruiting new graduate students!

Profiles of Faculty and Research Scholars

We lecture in social dentistry, health care and nursing science. In social dentistry, we provide students in the Schools of Oral Health Science and Dentistry education concerning “public health”, “oral health”, “public health administration”, and “social welfare.  In the study of nursing care, students are taught health maintenance and promotion for a person on every health level from child to adult; and nursing as a medical occupation. In the Yogo class (optional), the students study specialized knowledge and techniques concerning school health.

We research to solve several problems related to oral health, health care and prevention of oral disease with masters and doctoral students, and foster medical professionals, educators and researchers who are able to have scientific and logical thinking through these studies.
We conduct research as following

  1. Effect of preventive oral care for patients with systemic diseases
  2. Research on relationship between oral microorganism and lifestyle diseases
  3. Development of new measurement of bristles of toothbrush
  4. Efficiency of preventive care support program to aim for maintenance and improvement of oral function
  5. Basic research for new prevention for oral disease as oral infection
  6. Clinical research for prevention of perioperative oral complication