Micron Awards

Micron Awards

While we have seen an increase in participation of females in the workforce, the number of successful female researchers in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields remains low as of today. Therefore, the Women’s Research Activities Committee is offering a Fellowship to female researchers who are highly motivated to be successful in the science and technology fields, in order to encourage their aspirations and hopes for their future. By utilizing the funds donated from the Micron Technology Foundation Inc., this Fellowship will be given to female graduate students from the science and technology fields at Hiroshima University.

Eligibility and Support Contents

This Fellowship is for female graduate students enrolled at Hiroshima University who specialize in science or engineering. By utilizing the funds donated from the Micron Technology Foundation Inc., we provide a grant-type fellowship to eligible students.
Only first-year master’s course students are eligible for this Fellowship in FY2022.

Application Information

The 2nd call for applications for the Micron Awards FY2022 has begun.
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Past Results

In FY2021, the call for applications period was from Friday, April 30 to Monday, June 14, and the Fellowship recipients were decided in August.
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Micron Awards 2021 – Award Ceremony/Symposium
The award ceremony/symposium was held online on September 22, 2021.
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Other Points to Note

The Fellowship Funds are taxable as a miscellaneous income, and the awardees are required to file an income tax return by themselves. Moreover, if they are a tax dependent of their supporter (parents, etc.), it will be possible that they will no longer be able to be a dependent of their supporter due to the Fellowship Funds. Awardees should tell their supporter (parents, etc.) that the Fellowship Funds are a miscellaneous income under the Japanese tax law, and inquire with the employer of their supporter (parents, etc.) regarding the details of their health insurance and their dependent status.