【The Deadline:Nov. 29】Himawari Nursery School Nursery Children Invited FY 2020

Hiroshima University Himawari Nursery School(in Higashi-Hiroshima Campus) invites nursery children of the fiscal year 2020 (for the regular childcare service).

Those who plan to make your children enter the nursery are kindly requested to fill and submit the application forms to the Gender Equality Promotion Office (Childcare Unit) through the in-campus mail or the post service by the following deadline.

Please be noted that there might be a case that your request is not accepted depending on the number of received applications.

Please contact us if there is anything unclear.

Intended Users

Faculty, staff and students of Hiroshima University who are unable to take care of their infants at home due to their work, study, illness, or family circumsances.
*infant=From 9-week-old to Pre-school age

Even an accepted applicant loses his/her eligibility for using our childcare services,
-   if he/she become no longer a faculty member or a student of Hiroshima University; or
-   if he/she or his/her spouse takes a childcare leave

Submission Deadline

No later than 5:00pm on November 29, 2019
* Please be careful that the in-campus mail and the post services takes some time (a couple of days) to reach us.

Notice of Admission

It is planned to be done around the end of December 2019


  • Himawari Nursery School invites children every fiscal year and chooses who to enter depending on their priority order. When the priority becomes lower, children might not be accepted in the following fiscal year.
  • A child, who is already accepted, cannot use the childcare services, when an applicant becomes no longer a faculty member or a student of Hiroshima University; or when an applicant or his/her spouse takes a childcare leave.
  • When you plan to use the regular childcare service someday during the fiscal year, please apply this time.
  • When your spouse is working for Hiroshima University, you do not have to submit a Certificate of employment.
  • When your spouse’s employment period is by March 31, 2020, please enter where he/she plans to work on or after April 1, 2020 in the remarks column.
    * When you cannot explain the reason of your application by submitting an employment certificate, please contact the Gender Equality Promotion Office. (i.e. self-employed, your spouse’s poor health condition, caregiving to your relative etc.)
  • Temporary childcare service is not covered this time.
  • Preschool education and childcare has become free since Octover 1st, 2019.
  • Himawari Nursery School is an eligible faciliries under the system.
  • If you would like to be covered with the system,  it is necessary for you to apply to and be approved by the local municipality of your area. We would like to inform you of the procedures after you receive the admission for Himawari Nursery School.
  • If you would like to know more details on the elimination of fees for the preschool and childcare, please contact your local government.
Contact Us
Personnel Group, Hiroshima University
(Gender Equality Promotion Office)

Extension line:4355
Address:1-1-2 Kagamiyama, Higashi-Hiroshima City Hiroshima 739-8524
E-mail:syokuin-sen*office.hiroshima-u.ac.jp(Replace "*" with "@". )