Balancing Work and Family

Hiroshima University supports the balance of your work and family life.

Nurseries in Hiroshima University

In Kasumi campus

In Higashi-Hiroshima campus

*"Ai Hoikuen Hiroshima-Daigaku mae" is a licenced nursery school in Higashi-Hiroshima City.
Please apply and inquiries to Higashi-Hiroshima city office.

Schoolchildren's Club

For the purpose of supporting the balance of work and family life of the staff of Hiroshima University, it is open during the long-term leave of elementary school (spring, summer and winter),on Higashi-Hiroshima campus and Kasumi campus.

Financial Support Program for Day-care Service for Convalescent Infants

Under this program, Hiroshima University provides financial support for its faculty member and staff member whose child(ren) (preschool age and younger) use(s) a day-care facility for convalescent infants when it is difficult for him/her/them to be cared for in a group because he/she/they are recovering from illness or injury.