Cosmos Nursery Room(in Kasumi Campus)

To those who want to use our Childcare Service

☆If you want to use our Childcare Service, please contact the Gender Equality Promotion Office.

About Cosmos Nursery Room

Type of Service

Regular Childcare Service

The nursery offers childcare service everyday from the admission day to the end of the fiscal year.
*Closed days are excluded.

If you want to use it across the year, you must apply for each year.
When there are many people who want to use, priorities are assigned. If your priority is low, you may not be able to use it the following fiscal year.

Condidates for admission to the nursery have to satisfy the specified requirements. For details, please see "Other Information" below.

Temporary Childcare Service

The nursery offers childcare service only for the date and time you designated when temporary childcare at home is difficult.
*Users of Regular Childcare Service are given priority, so it may not be accepted depending on the date and time.

Other informaiton

About application

Procedures for Use


Contact Us
Employee Welfare and Benefits Group, Hiroshima University
(Gender Equality Promotion Office)

Extension line:(84-)4355

E-mail:syokuin-sen* "*" with "@". )