Operation of FY2019 Spring Kodomo Club (Schoolchildren's Club)

FY2019 Spring Kodomo Club (Schoolchildren's Club) will be opened as below.
If you would like to put your child(ren) in the club, please send the application form directly to the Gender Equality Promotion Office through e-mail or in-campus mail by the deadline.

*The application guidelines on our site, include important instructions, so please read them very carefully.

Operation of this club

■Eligible user

Faculty and Staff members of Hiroshima University

■Eligible children

Children who are enrolled in 1st to 6th grade of elementary school whose guardians cannot usually stay home during the day due to unavoidable reasons, including their work or caregiving.

*Children who will advance to junior high school from April can use the club until March 31st.
 Children who will advance to elementary school from April can use the club from April 1st.


-Higashi-Hiroshima Campus
-Kasumi Campus(Hiroshima City)

■Available period

-Higashi-Hiroshima Campus: March 26th (Thu.) 2020 to April 7th (Tue.) 2020
-Kasumi Campus: March 26th (Thu.) 2020 to April 6th (Mon.) 2020

■Available Time

Open: 8:00 a.m. / Closed: 7:00 p.m.


-Higashi-Hiroshima campus: about 20 children
-Kasumi campus: about 40 children
*For Kasumi campus, the number of children per day will be limited to about 25-30 for safety reasons.

■Application guidelines

Application Form

Deadline: 5:00 p.m. March 6th (Fri.) 2020

* We would not accept an application that reaches us after the deadline, even though you dispatch it by in-campus mail before it.


  • You can use not only your work place but also easy-to-access campus.
  • If there are many applicants who want to use it, we may decide the users according to the priority order. Fourth to sixth graders have high priorities, for they have low ones in the list of the city municipal childcare.
Contact us
Personnel Group, Hiroshima University
(Gender Equality Promotion Office)

E-mail:syokuin-sen*office.hiroshima-u.ac.jp(Replace "*" with "@". )