HIRAKU-Global Starter Course for the 2nd Cohort of HIRAKU-Global Researchers – Report

Starter Course
(2nd Cohort)


【Date held】        August 24 (Tuesday), 2021

【Event method】 Online (Zoom)

The HIRAKU-Global Program held the Starter Course for the 2nd Cohort of HIRAKU-Global Researchers (HGRs) as a completely online event (via Zoom). This event marked the first occasion in which the 2nd Cohort of HGRs were able to (virtually) meet and interact with each other, and gain more specific knowledge in regard to the Program itself.

The day began with the Opening Remarks from Professor ABE Manabu, Executive Vice President of Hiroshima University and Chair of the HIRAKU-Global Operating Council, and was followed by the HIRAKU-Global Program Overview.

Within the Overview, firstly, Professor AIDA Misako, Executive Advisor to the President of Hiroshima University and Chair of the HIRAKU-Global Program Management Committee, presented upon “The Aspirations of the HIRAKU-Global Program”, where she explained the key goals and expectations of the Program and the HGRs.

Thereafter, Professor Jorge TENDEIRO, Program Manager of the HIRAKU-Global Program, explained “What does the HIRAKU-Global Program offer?”. Finally, the HIRAKU-Global Office outlined the available support systems in place for each HGR at their respective institution, the PR initiatives of the Program, the Program’s IT System (HIRAKU-PF), and the available novelty goods.

After a short break, the 5 minute presentations from the 2nd Cohort of HGRs were undertaken, where each HGR shared a concise presentation providing details of who they are, their research and overall ambitions for the Program. Given the overall diversity of the HGRs, a vast range of interesting research topics and ideas was presented throughout the session.

Following on from the presentations of the 2nd Cohort, a collaborative workshop with members of Nanyang Technological University (NTU) was held. Comprehensive details of this intuitive workshop can be found here.

At the conclusion of the workshop (and subsequent break), a seminar on the topic of Open Science was presented by Professor Jorge TENDEIRO. Comprehensive details of this insightful seminar can be found here.

To round things off, the Starter Course for the 2nd Cohort was summarized and formally concluded by Professor TODA Takashi, Specially Appointed Professor at Hiroshima University and HIRAKU-Global Mentor, with his thought-provoking Closing Remarks.

All in all, a day full of insight, information, interaction, collaboration and smiles all-round was smoothly undertaken and brought to a conclusion.

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