(August 24, 2021) Meet and Greet with Nanyang Technological University – Report

Meet and Greet with
Nanyang Technological University

           【Date held】             August 24 (Tuesday), 2021

           【Event method】      Online (Zoom)


During the HIRAKU-Global Starter Course for the 2nd Cohort of HIRAKU-Global Researchers (held on August 24, 2021), a collaborative workshop was held in conjunction with members of Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in order to help the HIRAKU-Global Researchers (HGRs) to establish connections with international researchers and to provide a formal setting to display the relationship between the HIRAKU-Global Program and NTU, given that both the Program and NTU share similar views in striving towards developing world-class researchers.

The collaborative workshop began with a presentation from Professor Michael KHOR, Director of the Talent Recruitment And Career Support (TRACS) Office & Bibliometrics Analysis at Nanyang Technological University. During his presentation, Prof. KHOR introduced NTU and the various researcher development and support programs that are in place at NTU.

After Prof. KHOR's insightful presentation, the Meet and Greet session between Prof. KHOR, the researchers from NTU, the HGRs, the HIRAKU-Global Program Mentors, and others was undertaken via Zoom's Breakout Rooms feature. Within these Breakout Rooms, self-introductions were made, various topics were discussed, and critically, potential plans for collaborative research were discussed. Even though this session was relatively brief in terms of the allocated time, it was nonetheless fruitful in achieving the goal of having the HGRs meet with international researchers and work on setting up networks and collaborative research projects.

Given the success of this workshop in achieving its goals and more, the Program envisages that further such workshops and opportunities will be set-up in the future with the HGRs and the NTU researchers, and as a result, we would like to thank all those involved with this collaborative workshop and give a special word of thanks to Prof. KHOR for putting in the time and effort to help establish this insightful and useful workshop.

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