Messages from Director and Chief Deputy Director

Message from Director

KIUCHI Yoshiaki

Hiroshima University Hospital is one of the best medical institutions in Japan known for its advanced medical technology. It’s also the only medical school located in Hiroshima prefectural region. Holding the ideology of fulfilling the mission of implementing holistic medical care, developing health professions, and pursuing new technology, we put our best continuing effort into medical treatment, education, and study.
By demanded tasks of society, the roles and functions as university hospitals are experiencing increasing changes day by day. Hiroshima University Hospital will continue to implement these changes as we raise the ideal characteristics that university hospitals should hold in the future.

Currently, the most required changes which should be established are in medical safety, medical ethics, and research ethics. In order to perform these changes, improving the quality of medical education is necessary so that our focus is on rearranging organizational and human infrastructure, but also to strengthen safety management and medical/research ethics system. Moreover, configuring an indicator for medical quality, and evaluating/improving our consultation, we will open its results to society.

Propelling the study and the development of highly advanced medical treatment to provide patients safely is also a definite goal to achieve. Rearranging the foundation in secure human resources for the study and the development of high technology medical treatment cannot be ignored.

Also, work style reform, improvement in response capability in the event of a disaster, and stabilization of hospital management are important concerns that we hold as an institution.

In conclusion, we, staff of Hiroshima University Hospital, unitedly put our best effort to complete the mission of what an “university hospital” should be. We would appreciate your continued understanding and support.

Message from Chief Deputy Director

SHIBA Hideki
Chief Deputy Director

Hiroshima University Hospital is a general hospital that has both medical and dental departments, each consisting of many divisions. Each division offers professional treatment, with the aim of providing safe and secure medical care, evidence-based high-quality medical care, and medical care through interprofessional collaboration.

Hiroshima University Hospital is located in Hiroshima, a City of Peace. One of the basic principles of Hiroshima University is the pursuit of peace. We believe that to achieve peace, it is necessary to create an inclusive society. By pursuing peace and creating an inclusive society in the hospital, our hospital will be able to provide medical care to anyone who needs it. We have established a system capable of promoting appropriate oral health according to patients’ individual situations, including compromised patients, elderly patients, patients with a dental phobia, patients with a disability, expectant and nursing mothers, and children.

Laboratory data is a common language among all medical professionals and is helpful in grasping the current status of patients and deciding on their courses of treatment in team medical care. In the dental department, the state of the gums and the biting force of patients are numerically expressed for use in treatment. However, a problem exists in today’s dental field of there not being many oral clinical examinations that provide objective data. We therefore intend to take a leadership role in resolving this problem in cooperation with the Center for Oral Clinical Examination located in the hospital. We will continue our epidemiological and clinical research to develop new ways of diagnosing oral diseases and evaluating treatment effects based on assessments of the oral environment and functions.

All faculty members at Hiroshima University Hospital continue to make concerted efforts and work hard so that all patients at the hospital are fully satisfied with our medical services. We look forward to your continued support and understanding.