New Patients

 General Reception Desk :   No.3 and 4
 Reception Hours:               8:30 ~ 11:00

Please fill in the following application form and put it in NEW PATIENT(初診) BOX at the general reception desk No.3 and 4.

                                                                            ① [New Patients] BOX
                                                                            ② General Reception Desk
                                                                            ③ Reception Desk for New Patients

We recommend you to visit our hospital as early as possible to register your information.

We call you in the order of receiving the application forms. Please make sure to bring your Japanese health insurance card, a medical referral letter from another Japanese medical institution, etc. If you do not have these, you need to present your passport and credit card. 

If you would like to consult with our doctor during hospital stay in another Japanese medical institution, you should ask them and bring a medical referral letter IN ADVANCE. In this case, your medical cost may change.
If you do not present your Japanese health insurance card, you have to pay all medical cost.

Since there are non-consultation dates or the doctor has an operation and so on, regardless of whether you have a medical referral letter or not, please confirm beforehand by e-mail that the consultation is possible.
     E-mail:byo-kokusai*  (Please replace*with@)

Outpatient information