Admissions Policy

1 Successful student candidates

The Graduate School for International Development and Cooperation (IDEC) demands the students with the qualities as follows;

   1. Possession of a broad general view of the world and ability to consider deeply the various problems of globalism and globalization that confront developing countries

   2. Ability to pursue subjects of study and research projects with strong perseverance and to think through the issues involved rationally and logically

   3. Possession of a sympathetic attitude as an internationally minded person and ability to communicate easily with people from many different countries.


2 Basic Principles of Entrance Examination

At the Graduate School for International Development and Cooperation, we aim, through the medium of interdisciplinary research, teaching and practical fieldwork, to train both researchers and professional specialists at a high level, who are capable both of creating an organized system of knowledge [International Cooperation Studies] at the cutting edge of international development and cooperation, and at the same time of playing a leading role in the international community.

Based on our mission statement, we therefore welcome applications not only from students who aim to acquire sound theoretical knowledge of international development and cooperation, but also from members of society who have professional expertise or practical experience in international development matters and who desire to pursue further activities back in their countries of origin, in order to promote international society at a deeper level.

We will assess the expertise on the basic subjects and special subjects at the general selection. In addition, we will judge the abilities and attitude based on the background experiences and research proposals at the recommendation entrance examinations and special selection.