Global Internship Program (G.ecbo)

Formation of a Strategic Center for Global Internship (G.ecbo)

Hiroshima University is currently promoting the “Formation of a Strategic Center for Global Internship” (commonly known as the “G.ecbo program”) following the 2007 adoption of the Support Program for Improvement of Graduate School Education. G.ecbo is a practical education program that includes pre- and post-internship training designed to achieve viable outcomes from student internships. The following types of internships are available:
(1) overseas internships, in which students go to an university or organization outside Japan.
(2) domestic internships, in which foreign students go to a Japanese company or organization.
(3) third-country internships, in which students from developing countries go to institutions in other developing countries.
(4) follow-up research internships, in which students in doctoral programs go back to countries where they have previously worked.

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