Published in 2015

Journal Paper

"The Potential of Alternative Fuel Vehicles: A Cost-Benefit Analysis" Ito, Y., and S. Managi (forthcoming) Research in Transportation Economics Elsevier. (DP ishere
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"Work Hour Mismatch and On-the-job Search" Keisuke Kawata(forthcoming) Economic Modeling,、Elsevier
(DP is here
" The decoupling of affluence and waste dischargeunder spatial correlation: Do richer communitiesdischarge more waste?" Daisuke Ichinose, Masashi Yamamoto and Yuichiro Yoshida, Environment and Development Economics, volume 20, issue 02, pp. 161-184.
"The moderating effects of urbanization on carbon dioxide emissions: A latent class modeling approach" Makoto Chikaraishi, Akimasa Fujiwara, Shinji Kaneko, Phetkeo Poumanyvong, Satoru Komatsu, Andrey Kalugin, Technological Forecasting and Social Change (In Press)


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Published in 2014

Journal Paper

"Do emission subsidies reduce emission? In the context of environmental R&D organization," Ouchida, Yasunori & Goto, Daisaku, Economic Modelling, Elsevier, vol. 36(C), pages 511-516.
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Published in 2013

Journal Paper

"Performances of Socially Responsible Investment and Environmentally Friendly Funds" Ito, Y, S. Managi, and A. Matsuda. Journal of the Operational Research Society 64: 1583-1594.(DP isdere
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"Understanding the Implications of Environmental taxes: The Case of the Danish Weight Based Packaging Product Charge" Enian Cela and Shinji Kaneko Environmental Policy and Governance, 23(4):274-282

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