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Fish Biology and Fisheries

Professor  Yoichi SAKAI Behavioral ecology and population ecology of fisheries species in Seto Inland Sea and on coral reefs
   Laboratory HP
 sakai41 / A216 / 082(424)7975
Associate Professor Takeshi TOMIYAMA Interspecific and animal-environment relationships in coastal waters in relation to the productivity of fishes
   Laboratory HP
 tomiyama / A214 / 082(424)7941


Professor  Tetsuya UMINO Development of genetic markers to assess the impact of stocking of aquatic animals
   Laboratory HP
 umino / A317 / 082(424)7944
Associate Professor Masayuki YOSHIDA Biological basis of mind in various animals including fish
   Laboratory HP
 yosidam / A319 / 082(424)7982
Associate Professor Kaori WAKABAYASHI Development of sustainable aquaculture techniques for fish and crustaceans

 Laboratory HP

 kaoriw / A315 / 082(424)7989
Assistant Professor Kentaro KAWAI  


 kawai-ken / A*** / 082(424)****

Aquatic Ecology

Professor  Koichiro KAWAI Application of freshwater organisms as environmental indicators and for ecological restoration
    Interview  kawagogi / A217 / 082(424)7894
Professor Kazuhiko KOIKE Coastal biological processes of Seto-Inland Sea, coral reefs and mangrove swamps based on primary producers (various microalgae)
    Interview  kazkoike / A413 / 082(424)7996
Associate Professor Hidetoshi SAITOU Predatory organisms of tidal flat clams and population ecology of lancelets
    Interview  saito / A218 / 082(424)7895
Associate Professor LIAO LAWRENCE MANZANO Taxonomy of tropical and subtropical marine algae, seagrasses and mangroves, with emphasis on Southeast Asia
     lliao / A318 / 082(424)4375
Assistant Professor Shizuka OHARA Studies on the responses of microalgae for coastal environmental changes
     oharashizu / A411 / 082(424)7999

Fisheries Oceanography

Professor  Susumu OHTSUKA Phylogenetic, evolutionary, ecological and fishery studies on marine zooplankters and symbionts
   Laboratory HP
 ohtsuka / Fisheries Research Station / 0846(22)2362
Associate Professor Satoshi ASAOKA Assessment and restoration of aquatic environments using the tools of analytical chemistry.
     stasaoka / A417 / 082(424)7945
Associate Professor Aki KATO Phycology, especially taxonomy combining morphological and molecular-phylogenetic approaches, ecology and physiology of macroalgae.
   Laboratory HP
 katoa / Fisheries Research Station / 0846(24)6781
Associate Professor Toshiya HASHIMOTO Material circulation system and the lower trophic level ecosystem in the coastal seas by computer data analysis, numerical ecosystem model and field observations on board research vessels.
Assistant Professor Yusuke KONDO  
     ykondo / Fisheries Research Station / 0846(24)6780

Plant Production Science

Professor  Hirofumi SANEOKA Improving crop productivity and quality under adverse environmental conditions
  Interview  saneoka / B111 / 082(424)7917
Professor  Rumi TOMINAGA Interaction of root hair and soil by the approach of molecular biology
  Interview  rtomi / B105 / 082(424)7966
Professor  Jun WASAKI How plants grow and develop in response to environmental factors examined from various facets of plant structure and function
   Laboratory HP
 junw / C404 / 082(424)4370
Associate Professor Akihiro UEDA Molecular physiology and genetic engineering of abiotic stress tolerance in plants
   Laboratory HP
 akiueda / B105 / 082(424)7963
Associate Professor Toshinori NAGAOKA Effects of organic materials and soil conditions on soil microflora useful for plant growth and control of soil-borne diseases
   Interview  tnagaok / B112 / 082(424)7969
Assistant Professor Mayumi KIKUTA  
     mkikuta / B112 / 082(424)5754
Assistant Professor DONG QIN  
     qindong / B112 / 082(424)****

Animal Production Science

Professor  Masaoki TSUDZUKI QTL analysis for economic traits of chickens, Phylogenetic analysis for chicken breeds, Analysis for mutations in chickens and quail , Preservarion of bioresources in chickens and quail
    Interview  tsudzuki / B416 / 082(424)7950)
Professor  Masayuki SHIMADA Reproductive endocrinology
   Interview  mashimad / B412 / 082(424)7899
Professor  Naoki ISOBE Prevention and treatment of mastitis by investigation of mammary innate immune system in cow and goat. Effect of colostrum on immune system and nutrient status of cow.
   Laboratory HP
 niso / B304 / 082(424)7993
Assistant Professor Yoshiaki NAKAMURA Establishment of biotechnologies that are robustly available across the animal species to apply for the genetic resource preservation at a cellular level as well as for the human infertility clinic.
     ynsu / B407 / 082(424)7943
Assistant Professor Takahiro NII Regulation of immune function in reproductive and intestinal mucosa in poultry. Health promotion by probiotics. Relationship between egg formation and immune system.
    Laboratory HP  tanii / B310 / 082(424)4147
Assistant Professor Takashi UMEHARA  
     pd7221 / B411 /
Assistant Professor Yusaku TSUGAMI  
     ytsugami / B*** /

Animal Nutrition and Physiology

Professor  Taketo OBITSU Kinetics of various amino acids and urea
    Interview  tobitsu / B509 / 082(424)7955
Professor  Takashi BUNGO Physiological aspect of layers and dairy cows under hot or stress environments, and brain functions regulating the behavior of chickens
    Interview  bungo / B505 / 082(424)7957
Professor Toshihisa SUGINO Secretion and action of gastrointestinal hormones
    Interview  sugino / B513 / 082(424)7956
Associate Professor Shin-ichi KAWAKAMI Research of central mechanisms of feeding and drinking behavior in the hypothalamus of chickens
     skawak / B515 / 082(424)3857

Terrestrial Field Science

Professor   Hajime TANIDA Relationships between human and domestic animals, wildlife and companion animals
    Interview  htanida / Research Farm / 082(424)7974
Associate Prof. Yuzo KUROKAWA Grassland and forage utilization, Healthy life cycle of dairy cows and milk production
    Interview  yuzokuro / Research Farm / 082(424)7973
Assistant Prof. Aira SEO Field study of the improvement of companion animals and livestock animal welfare
     airaseosan / Research Farm / 082(424)4587