Research and Education

Department of Information Engineering

The Department offers education in

  • Graduate School-wide common and basic subjects
  • Specialized subjects offered by the Department

Specialized subjects that are particularly important for students in deepening their specialization are designated "core subjects." The Department's educational curriculum includes core and specialized subjects such as:

  • Core subjects: subjects that are pivotal and particularly important in information engineering concerning hardware and software, algorithms, databases, intelligent data processing, applied mathematics etc.
  • Specialized subjects: subjects that are common and fundamental in information engineering and cover the entire spectrum of information engineering

The curriculum also includes the following required subjects:

  • Instruction in Research, mainly comprising individualized instruction provided by research directors to help students pursue research projects to be presented in master's dissertations
  • Seminars held with a small number of students from several research groups and designed to improve students' research and presentation abilities
  • English Communication designed to improve students' communication skills in English

Requirements for master's program completion

To complete a master's program, students must be enrolled in a master's program for at least 2 years, obtain at least 34 credits in subjects as described below, submit within the period of enrollment a master's dissertation completed with designated instruction, successfully defend the dissertation and pass the final examination. The minimum period of enrollment in a master's program may be shortened to 1 year for students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievements as recognized by the Graduate School Faculty Committee.

Interdisciplinary Field Program

Interdisciplinary Programs combine various fields of education and research so that students can acquire the academic and technological knowledge that results from the fusion of various different domains.

Students enrolled in the Interdisciplinary Programs can simultaneously complete the curriculum of their Department by obtaining at least 8 credits (4 subjects) in specialized subjects offered by their Department and recognized as Interdisciplinary Program subjects of their respective areas of specialization. Students of the Department of Information Engineering can be enrolled in the following Interdisciplinary Program:

Hyper Human Technology

Hyper Human Technology represents the field of research concerned with measurement, information processing and control technologies that largely surpass the level of human ability. Based on achievements in such engineering fields as robotics, bioengineering and image engineering, Hyper Human Technology aims at developing innovative technologies and realizing their practical applications, not only in engineering, but also medical care and welfare, biological production and other transverse sectors. Drawing on research achievements realized in the framework of Hiroshima University's Century Center of Excellence (COE) program “Hyper Human Technology toward the 21st Century Industrial Revolution,” The Hyper Human Technology program aims at developing future specialists armed with the comprehensive and interdisciplinary knowledge, skills and expertise required for effective problem-solving in response to societal needs.