Computer Systems

GPU Computing, FPGA Computing, Quantum Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Intelligent Systems

Machine learning, High-performance computing, Parallel and distributed computing, Quantum computing, Embedded System

Visual Information Science

Computer graphics and visualization, Machine learning and deep learning, Computer vision and natural language processing, Biomedical imaging and image analysis

Learning Engineering

Knowledge-driven artificial intelligence, Learning engineering, Learning science, educational technology, human computer interaction, psychology

Foundation of Computer Science

Cryptography, Privacy Protection, Mobile Computing, Wireless Network, Cellular Automata

Dependable Systems

Software reliability, Software testing, System performance evaluation, Formal verification, Safety analysis, Software development

Distributed Systems

Edge computing, Internet of Things (IoT), Pervasive computing , Distributed consensus protocols, Interactive computing

Data Analytics and Modeling

Deep Learning, Bayesian Statistics and Modeling, Model Selection, Natural Language and Text Analysis, Network Analysis, Time Series Analysis

Advanced Network

Network Architecture, IoT, Cloud and Edge Computing, Multimedia communication, Network Operation and Management

Information Security

Access Control, Lifecycle Management, Data Security, Data Science Education, Cloud Security

Informatics and Mathematical Science

System theory, Optimization, Stochastic processes, Fractals, Signal processing, Biological signal, Statistical machine learning

Pattern Recognition

Pattern recognition, Machine learning, Neural networks, Image understanding, Artificial intelligence

Social Computing

Data mining, Recommendation  System, Privacy-preserving  information  retrieval, Distributed Algorithms, Biomedical statistics

Computational Complexity Theory

Theoretical computer science, Hierarchies of complexity classes, Combinatorial computational geometry, art gallery theorems

Learning Analytics

LMS (Learning Management System), learning data, access log, visualization, text mining,  LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability)