HU Taiwan Friendship Meeting established

On February 21 (Sat), former international students and other people related to Hiroshima University all together about 60 persons gathered at a hotel in Taipei, Taiwan to hold the inaugural meeting of the Hiroshima University-Taiwan Friendship Meeting (commonly known as “Phoenix Taiwan Club”).

At the inaugural meeting, the participants determined the establishment of the association, elected the committee members and decided to enter the Hiroshima University Alumni Association as an overseas branch.

The friendship meeting chairperson Professor Chang Kingtu (National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology) delivered an address mentioning that “It is our intention to provide a platform not only for exchange between Taiwan Friendship Meeting members but also for everybody else who wants to support Hiroshima University. We wish to have the collaboration of many people.” The speech was followed by a convivial gathering. There were participants who saw each other for the first time after returning home, and the meeting was very successful. Even after the ceremony ended, people were enjoying lively exchange in and around the party hall.