Voices from Abroad

At Hiroshima University, students come from all over the world to study and pursue research. Voices from Abroad interviews those students to see what their everyday lives are like and get their perspectives on being international students in Japan. This section will also look at Japanese students who have gone abroad, and at alumni currently active overseas.

Interview 37: Pinar Temocin (Turkey)
Interview 36: Simona Zollet (Italy)
Interview 35: Martin Mang'anda Thodi (Malawi)
Interview 34: Pedro Gabriel Fonteles Furtado (Brazil)
Interview 33: He Ling Ling (China)
Interview 32: Damaso Ferreiro Posse (Spain)
Interview 31: Sivakumar Dineshkumar (India)
Interview 30: HSU, YA-CHI (Taiwan)
Interview 29: Park Keun Mo (Korea)
Interview 28: Jenna Sheppard (Canada)
Interview 27: WANG LUXI (China)
Interview 26: Nadiah Kinanthi (Indonesia) & Minami Kato (Japan)
Interview 25: Nguyen Thi Dung (Vietnam) & Kana Okamoto (Japan)
Interview 24: Stewart Rodney (Jamaica)
Interview 23: Nam Dayeong (Korea)
Interview 22: Belal Ahmad (Syria)
Interview 21: Janina Hars (Germany) & Aya Shoji (Japan)
Interview 20: Alexander Redmann (USA) & Keisuke Yamane (Japan)
Interview 19: Chiara Comastri (Italy)
Interview 18: Anastasia Pustovskikh (Russia)
Interview 17: Bagus Herlambang (Indonesia)
Interview 16: Andrew Mancus (United States of America)    
Interview 15: Gu Wensu (China)
Interview 14: Marlise Sanchez Torres (Costa Rica)
Interview 13: Nuria Haristiani (Indonesian)
Interview 12: Nadya Berova (New Zealand/Bulgaria)
Interview 11: Salla Salmela (Finland)
Interview 10: Kwon Seong (Korea)
Interview 9: Guanyi Pi (China)
Interview 8: Gul Cakmak (Turkey)
Interview 7: Jungu Bae (South Korea)
Interview 6: Manasseh Emmanuel (Tanzania)
Interview 5: Ho Tzo I (Taiwan)
Interview 4: Nguyen Thi Minh Nguyet (Vietnam)
Interview 3: Olexander (Alex) Kovalenko (Ukraine)
Interview 2: Xiorong Hong (China)
Interview 1: Andrey Kalugin (Russia)