Voices from Abroad

At Hiroshima University, students come from all over the world to study and pursue research. Voices from Abroad interviews those students to see what their everyday lives are like and get their perspectives on being international students in Japan.

Interview 43: Abubacar Hydara (Sweden)

Grammar is like an interesting puzzle

Interview 42: Yu Panpan (China)

I wish to convey the beauty of Japanese Literature

Interview 41: Murad Nasirov (Azerbaijan)

Friendship without Walls

Interview 40: Kyaw Myo Aung (Myanmar)

Cherish each encounter

Interview 39: Mohammad Shamim Hasan Mandal (Bangladesh)

Teamwork, Fieldwork, and Hard Work!

Interview 38: Dave Angeles (Philippines)

Explore, and be Challenged

Interview 37: Pinar Temocin (Turkey)

A Life with Art and Politics

Interview 36: Simona Zollet (Italy)

Do something positive for this planet

Interview 35: Martin Mang'anda Thodi (Malawi)

The most important field right now to get rid of our problems

Interview 34: Pedro Gabriel Fonteles Furtado (Brazil)

The Power of Being a Foreign Student

Interview 33: He Ling Ling (China)

I am glad I chose to study Japanese language!

Interview 32: Damaso Ferreiro Posse (Spain)

It is the worries and pains we experience that add depth to our lives

Interview 31: Sivakumar Dineshkumar (India)

I wanted to do something different

Interview 30: HSU, YA-CHI (Taiwan)

Someday you will be able to proudly claim that your work was worth the effort

Interview 29: Park Keun Mo (Korea)

Create your own identity

Interview 28: Jenna Sheppard (Canada)

I want to make a difference

Interview 27: WANG LUXI (China)

How great children are!

Interview 26: Nadiah Kinanthi (Indonesia) & Minami Kato (Japan)

A chance to go one step ahead

Interview 25: Nguyen Thi Dung (Vietnam) & Kana Okamoto (Japan)

What makes humans human

Interview 24: Stewart Rodney (Jamaica)

Be Open

Interview 23: Nam Dayeong (Korea)

Hiroshima is my second hometown

Interview 22: Belal Ahmad (Syria)

Striving to make my dream a reality

Interview 21: Janina Hars (Germany) & Aya Shoji (Japan)

My Third Home

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