Voices from HU Students

"Voices from HU Students" share the messages for HU Alumni from the students who are currently studying in Hiroshima Univerity.

Vol.8 Voice of Freya Kate Mann (New Zealand)

From New Zealand to Saijo: One Year in Japan

Posted in June of 2017

Vol.7 Voice of Novi Syaftika (Indonesia)

" I think, living here as Hiroshima University student will be one of the most colorful stories episode I have, in my life."

Posted in December of 2016

Vol.6 Voice of Nu Nu Mai (Myanmar)

My Life Activities in Hiroshima

Posted in November of 2016

Vol.5 Voice of Rizwan Tariq (Pakistan)

Four years of Hiroshima Life!

Posted in October of 2016

Vol.4 Voice of Justin Ehringhaus (U.S.A.)

“Hiroshima University has served as grounds for me to develop meaningful, lifelong friendships . . . I would encourage anyone with an interest in studying abroad to choose here and to get involved (in campus life and activities.)”

Posted in May of 2016

Vol.3 Voice of Tianyi Wu (China)

"I would like to conclude by wishing that all those graduating will come back to visit. For it is certain: Hiroshima University is heading in a magnificent direction!"

Posted in March of 2016

Vol.2 Voice of Imam Wahyudi Farid (Indonesia)

"Hopefully the Indonesian Students Associations can serve to contribute and be a helping hand for all of the international students by creating peace and happiness around us "

Posted in February of 2016

Vol.1 Voice of Almosa Majed (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

"As a graduate from Hiroshima University, a university that was founded with pursuing peace as principle, let’s live with pride!"

Posted in December of 2015