Voices from HU Students (vol.1)

Voice of Almosa Majed (Saudi Arabia)

Affiliation: Graduate School of Social Sciences, Master’s Course 2nd year

Hello everyone, I am Almosa Majed from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I am honored to have the opportunity to write about my life in the Hiroshima University International Alumni Network page. I believe that all OBOGs are performing actively all around the world. I hope that with the launching of this page, all OBOGs can share their memories of Hiroshima University. I also hope that that the network of OBOGs will expand bigger and wider.

Currently, I am studying on the Islamic Finance in the Graduate School of Social Sciences (Economics). I am focusing particularly in the theme of my Master’s thesis, “Islamic Waqf in Japan”. The interesting part about Economics is that it has elements of both humanities and science, and we get to enjoy both in this subject. There are many foreign students in the Graduate School of Social Sciences, I learn a lot from them and I am enjoying a fulfilling campus life. Hiroshima University has been selected as one of Japan’s top 13 universities in the “Top Global University Project” by the Japanese government. Hiroshima University is expected to accept more foreign students in the future and I am looking forward to that.

It has been 7 years since I came to Japan, there has been many changes. First of all, the 4-storey Higashi Hiroshima City Hall is now a new and beautiful 10-storey building. This shows that the city has become lively and is anticipating an increase in its population. The area near Fuji Grand has the appearance of a metropolis with wide roads and foreign car dealer around it. The area around the campus used to be green all around, but now with Nafco Home Center and Youme Town built nearby, it makes things easier for students to do their shopping. There are many apartments for college students around the campus, and we can see many of them studying in Youme Town. Each time I see that, I got stimulated and reminded myself that “I must study hard too!”

As a part of my social activities, I established the Hiroshima Arabian Association. We have activities and events for Japanese and other foreigners to experience the Middle Eastern culture. Some people have misunderstandings towards the Middle Eastern culture, but after joining our cooking classes and experiencing wearing our national costumes, many people said their impressions towards the Middle East changed. I am really glad and felt the worth of organizing the events, and will continue doing so.

Lastly, as a graduate from Hiroshima University, a university that was founded with pursuing peace as principle, let’s live with pride!


About Photos:
Left: The Opening Ceremony of the Student Plaza in April 2010.
Center: in OKONOMIYAKI restaurant
Right: Building of Graduate School of Social Sciences


Posted in December of 2015