Memories of Study Abroad

HU alumni share memories of their time at the University.

Episode 5: Kim Beom-ki (Republic of Korea)

Dr. Kim has taught both in junior and senior high schools since graduating from the prestigious Seoul National University. He continued studying at the graduate school in Seoul National University at the same time he was working as a teacher. In 1986 he came to study in Japan at Hiroshima University, and after returning to his country played an important role in teaching at the Korea National University of Education.  In 2002 he became the chairperson of the Hiroshima University - Korea Alumni Association, our first overseas alumni organization.

Episode 4: Nguyen Tien Luc (Vietnam)

Dr. Luc had spent his youth in the midst of the turmoil of the Vietnam War before teaching in a university in Vietnam. After that, as reforms and liberalization were being conducted under the DoiMoi Policy, Dr. Luc came to study at Hiroshima University in 1992.
In this interview, Dr. Luc talked about his life as a foreign student in Hiroshima University, and how this experience influenced his life afterwards.


Episode 3: Chaerul A. Taman (Indonesia)

Mr. Chaerul A. Taman talks about his memories as a baisho ryugakusei (Indonesian international student in the framework of postwar compensation program) at Hiroshima University.

Mr. Taman came to Japan in 1962, when very few foreigners were studying in Japan, about 400 international students from Indonesia were enrolled in Japanese universities. Mr. Taman talked about his student life at Hiroshima in those days.

Episode 2: Hiromu Onishi (Brazil)

Interview with Hiromu Onishi (Chairperson of Hiroshima-Kenjin Kai) from Brazil, who studied at Hiroshima University as part of the Hiroshima Prefecture-Sponsored International Student Program. We asked him about the memories of his college days.
We wanted to know how Japan and Hiroshima looked to Mr. Onishi, studying as a second generation Japanese-Brazilian and what influence foreign study had on his later life.

Episode 1: Mohd Zulkefeli Mat Jusoh (Malaysia)

Dr. Mohd Zulkefeli Mat Jusoh entered Hiroshima University as a Malaysian Government-sponsored student. After graduation, he re-enrolled in a Hiroshima University Graduate School as a Japanese Government (old Monbusho) Scholarship student and acquired a doctor’s degree. Altogether, he studied for about 10 years at Hiroshima University.

We asked Dr. Zulkefeli about his precious experiences as a student while he was in preparatory education in Malaysia and as an international student at Hiroshima University.